LED vs HPS Grow Lights: A Quick Guide to Making the Right Choice

When it comes to indoor gardening, grow lights play a crucial role. It is an artificial light source that has the primary function of creating an environment that will be more favorable for the growth of plants. They are a substitute for direct sunlight, providing the nutrients that are essential for survival. If you are looking for grow lights that will be best for your plants, there are two common choices that will confront you – LED and HPS. Which is the better choice between the two? Read this LED vs HPS grow lights post and we’ll let you know the answer.


A lot of people ditch the idea of indoor gardening because of the belief that it is costly. When you think of it, however, it is actually cost-effective. You need to invest in a few things, but the mere fact that you will have fresh produce in the comfort of your own home already constitutes to savings.

Between the two, HPS is the cheaper option. By now, most of the budget-friendly buyers would most probably think that this is the best choice for them. However, if you have a long-term perspective, you should know that while the initial cost of LED grow lights will be significantly higher, they are cheaper to operate.


When talking about temperature, we must speak about the amount of heat that is generated by the light. In the case of many plants, they need light, but too much heat can hurt them. This can lead to scorching and other problems that will affect the plant’s physical appearance.

HPS Light vs LED Light - Temperature

LED lights are seen by many indoor gardeners to be the better option because it does not produce as much heat. These lights can be as close as possible to the plants and you do not have to worry that it will burn them. Meanwhile, in the case of HPS grow lights, it is necessary that you install a cooling system to have air circulating to prevent too much heat.

Power Consumption

Depending on the plants that you have, there is a certain amount of time by which you have to leave the grow light open. In most cases, this can be anywhere from seven to 14 hours in a day based on the light requirements of the plant. This can translate to significant energy consumption, which can cause your utility bills to shoot up.

HPS Light vs LED Light - Power Consumption

LED consumes lesser power. With this, it is the better choice if you are looking for energy efficiency. The price tag of LED bulbs may be high, but in the long run, operating it will be a lot cheaper as against HPS.

Light Intensity

The main reason why you are using grow light is to provide the light that the plant needs, which they cannot get from the sun since they are indoors. If the light has low intensity, the growth of the plant will most likely be compromised.

HPS Light vs LED Light - Light Intensity

In the past, HPS grow lights tend to have a better light intensity as against LED lights. Recently, however, with the introduction of new technologies, both LED and HPS grow lights can deliver equal light intensity.


No one likes to replace grow likes often. It is such a hassle, even from a financial standpoint. With this, when choosing between the two, it is also important that you think about which one will last longer without compromising performance.

If durability is a major concern for you, you have to choose LED over HPS grow lights. On average, HPS grow lights can last 10,000 hours. LED grow lights, on the other hand, can remain functional from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. This means that LED can provide indoor lighting for almost 15 years!


Regardless of what it is that you are growing, for sure, you are concerned about how much yield will the plant produce. It can be frustrating to grow a plant for months and in the end, the yield will be dismal.

While both of the types of grow lights tend to have a positive impact on yield, we will pick LED over their counterpart. This is because LED bulbs produce light energy that is growth targeted. Also, because they do not produce too much heat, they can encourage better flowering.

HPS Light vs LED Light - Yield

So, which one is the better choice? From the LED vs HPS grow lights discussions above, you will see that each has their own set of good and bad attributes. If there is only one that I have to choose, however, it would be the best LED grow lights. They are cheap to operate in the long run, produce minimal heat, has an extended lifespan, and can encourage generous yield.

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