How to Make Your Basement Bathroom More Attractive

The basement bathroom is often the one that takes the longest to get around to remodeling. Why? It’s sometimes the bathroom that is used least often in a house.

This is especially true if all of the bedrooms are on the upper floor. Then again, the lower level might be more inviting if the bathroom was more pleasant to use. Here are a few ways that you can spruce up the bathroom.

Frame the Mirror

If you have a boring contractor mirror that was plastered to the wall, you might feel that it’s not the absolutely most attractive option. There is, however, a simple way to dress it up without tearing it off and patching the wall behind it: frame it.

Basement Bathroom

Make Basement Bathroom More Attractive

Choose a molding that you like, paint or stain it, miter the corners at 45 degree angles, and frame the outer edges of the mirror.

Add Some Life

Without a window, basement bathrooms can feel cold and lifeless. A house plant in the bathroom will add back the life that the lack of a window can take away. Especially if the bathroom is used for showers, spider plants and ferns do well in humid climates.

Change Out the Old Fixtures

If your bathroom fixtures are still baby blue, baby pink, avocado green, or harvest orange, even if they do still work, it’s time to replace them.

For instance, installing a new ceramic sink makes a huge impact in such a small space. A new toilet is another fixture that will make an impact on the overall aesthetics of the bathroom.

Moreover, there are toilets that are easy enough for the do-it-yourself novice to complete. The toilet should be designed to be more easily installed in basements and can even be adjusted to a lower height to be more kid-friendly.

Keep Toiletries Tidy

A bathroom is never fun when you can’t find the essential items that you’re looking for, especially toilet paper. One option is to have your toilet paper in an area that is easy to reach from the toilet and make the display attractive. You can take tall cylindrical vase and store your toilet paper next to the toilet roll.

Replace the Lighting

Overhead lighting is often harsh. On the other hand, wall lights with the right bulbs cast a warm and inviting glow on the entire room. People sometimes forget, but lighting sets the mood.

There are many projects that a do-it-yourself novice can complete relatively inexpensively. With a little patience and some creativity, you can create a more inviting bathroom that your friends and family will enjoy using.

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