8 Must-Have Carpentry Woodworking Tools for DIY Home Projects

Whether you are a casual woodworking enthusiast or a serious hobbyist, having the right set of tools can go a long way in improving the quality of your DIY projects. Here are 10 essential tools that should be a part of any woodworker’s arsenal:

Hammers and Mallets

Whether you are driving in nails or assembling furniture, hammers and mallets are a staple for woodworking. Carpentry hammers can be found in a variety of weights and sizes, with specialized hammers existing for specific jobs and different types of nails. Mallets, on the other hand, are generally reserved for more hands-on work, tapping and coaxing pieces of wood together. Traditional mallets are made from hardwoods, with rubber variants also being quite popular.


Much like hammers, chisels are a woodworking essential. They can be used to cut, shape and carve out patterns in wood. Specialized chisels, such as those for dovetail joints, carving, and flooring exist, so choose one that best suits your requirements.


Drilling out holes is a basic part of woodworking, made that much easier thanks to cordless drills. The cordless design makes them convenient to use, whether you are creating furniture from scratch or repairing a loose cabinet door. Investing in a high-quality set of drill bits can help you get the most out of your power drill.

A Drill

Drilling Out Holes

Oscillating Multi-tool

Oscillating multi-tools are rapidly gaining popularity given the wide range of tasks they can perform. The tool itself is conveniently cordless and handheld, and comes with a variety of attachments. These attachments allow you to sand, cut, saw and scrape a variety of surfaces, including wood. Moreover, their portable design and shape make them great for working in tight corners and crevices.

The Gorilla Hook

Keeping your range of portable power tools, such as your cordless drill and oscillating multi-tool, safe and within easy reach is important. This can be especially crucial when you are working at a height or in a precarious position, such as while hanging up shelves or installing cabinets. The Gorilla Hook ensures that your power tools are always within easy reach at your belt, keeping them secure while also allowing you unhindered access to them with just one hand.

Thickness Planer

A thickness planer is an essential tool for any woodworker who prefers to start from scratch: with lumber. Tabletop thickness planers can help produce boards of a consistent thickness with smooth surfaces and straight edges. While this can be accomplished with hand tools, having a bench-top planer can be quicker and much more convenient, especially if you are serious about woodworking.


A router is a great tool to have around your workshop, especially if you want to raise your woodworking game to the next level. A router makes it easier to smooth out edges on pieces of wood in a variety of different shapes. They are also used to carve patterns into your woodwork to fully personalize your project.

Circular Saw

A circular saw can be a great asset, allowing you to make clean, precise cuts in seconds. These can drastically cut down the time it takes to cut and shape wood. Moreover, they can be used to cut other materials, such as plastic and even metal, with the right blade and sufficient power.

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