12 Must-Have Tools for Your Garage

A well-equipped garage is every DIY (do it yourself) person’s dream. A garage full of useful tools and equipment is your place to go when the sudden unexpected car or bike breakdown happens. You may be spending a good amount of time in your garage if you have a passion for fixing things. An excellent collection of tools can make you quite popular in your neighborhood and win you some friends. Let’s list down 12 must have tools that can make you feel empowered to fix almost anything:

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Must-Have Tools for Your Garage

Screw Drivers & Hammers

A good set of screwdrivers and hammers is the most fundamental thing to have in your garage. Screwdrivers come with different heads and gauges. It is great to have a set that has a comfortable, sturdy grip and a good quality head. Hammers, required for a variety of tasks, come in different types. Some must have hammers for your garage include ball peen, club, claw, rubber mallet, brass and mechanic’s hammer.

Bench Vise

A heavy-duty vise is a blessing especially if you have no human help available. At times you may need to hold a huge part firmly to crank off some big bolts. It also comes in handy while using a drill, saw, cutter or sandpaper. It is desirable to have the vise firmly fixed on to a workbench which serves well for other tasks also.

Torque Wrench

You can end up damaging your car, tractor or truck if you don’t tighten the bolts with the right force. Engine bolts and lug nuts need to be tightened to precision for best performance. A torque wrench serves well to tighten the bolts to specified angle and torque. Alternately you could also buy a digital torque adapter and use it along with a breaker bar or drive ratchet.


Typically made from lightweight alloys hacksaws are metal-framed saws and are used to cut wood, plastic or metal. The blade of a hacksaw needs replacement. A good hacksaw allows the frame length to be adjusted to fit in blades of different lengths. High-speed steel blades generally last longer than high carbon steel blades.

Chain Saw

A portable mechanical saw which has a chain which rotates along a guide bar. Blades attached to the chain can cut through trees and wood. Very commonly used for felling, pruning, limbing and bucking. While it’s a useful tool, it needs the experience to operate, and one needs to take some safety precautions. A comparison between Stihl and Husqvarna, two most popular chainsaw manufacturers of the world, reveals that both are reliable, efficient and durable.

Drip Pan

Repairing your car at home can create quite a mess on the floor with all the oil and grease dripping off. A drip pan can save your floor and time that you would spend cleaning it. A good drip pan is one with a lip on all edges that prevent the oil from leaking out. Once done with the repair you can remove the drip pan and drain it off in a container.


A multi-purpose hand tool for firmly gripping an object. The two jaws are useful for bending and cutting. Quite useful while working with electric connectors, brake work, changing hoses and cutting wires. In addition to needle-nose pliers, having out-of-sight pliers is quite useful. Using these, you can easily handle clips, clamps, and retainers. Spark plug pliers with their padded jaws help you comfortably grab the spark plug boot without damaging it or the wires.

Bright Light

Fixing a car often requires you to get into dark crevices or under the car with dim light. You need good lighting to be able to see what needs repair. There are multiple lighting options available in the market nowadays. You could get hold of any of these options: handheld work light, overhead fluorescent light or an under-hood light. The under-hood light comes with a magnet which can hold it in place, and even the tube can be rotated around to focus the light where you want it.

Floor Jack

The car jack that usually comes along with the car is good for changing tires. However, if you need to lift both sides or get under the car, the flimsy jacks can be risky. A cross-beam floor jack comes with arms that can be extended out to meet the cross member. The pump does the rest. Having four jack stands ensures further safety just in case anything was to go wrong with the jack.

Battery Jump Starter

If you own multiple cars, then apparently you don’t get to drive all of them every day. A car not driven frequently is sure to have its battery discharged especially if the car or the battery is old. A portable jump start is the ideal piece of equipment to have in such an emergency. You should carry it in your car boot to avoid getting stranded when out. Lithium battery jumper packs stay charged longer than the lead-acid type one.

Convertible Creeper

Working on areas around the tires and under the car is uncomfortable and puts much strain on your back. You need a creeper that has decent padding so that its comfortable and preferably convertible. Some creepers have the provision of converting them into a bench-like seat. Also, it’s desirable to have big wheels (preferably 3 inches) so that the creeper can roll in and out even if the floor is cracked.

Electric Cut Off Tool

There are times when you cannot un-screw a rusted bolt, clamp or fastener. You try different tools but the rusted and worn off part won’t budge! You can save your time and energy by merely having a cut off tool which can slice through the rusted part. It’s best to replace it with a new part. The cut off tool is useful to cut through brackets, angles, and rods. Electric ones are better than the air-powered ones.

For small breakdowns, you may not need a mechanic, plumber, electrician or carpenter. With a garage equipped with the above 12 must have tools you can go about fixing practically anything that breaks down whether it’s your car, bike, electrical appliance, pumps, furniture or plumbing fixtures. With some hands-on experience, you are sure to become the DIY expert that everyone runs to for help.

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