5 Quick Tips for Picking Stylish Furniture for Your House

There is nothing quite as exciting as deciding to upgrade your furniture. The possibilities are limitless. You can see all the vivid colors and hues that will bring your space to life. The real work of looking for the furniture is a different beast altogether.

Here we share a few tips that will hopefully make the entire experience more bearable, perhaps even exciting.

Rent Furniture to Get Your Style

Companies like RentFeather.com offer furniture rentals with a purpose. They are super convenient. They allow you to grab a couple pieces of furniture and experiment with assorted styles and arrangements.

Will that corner look good with a lamp or a potted plant? Will your bedroom fit a full size or queen size bed? Are you more an earth colors person or a monochrome person?

Rent Furniture

Rented furniture has one huge advantage: you have way more flexibility than purchasing furniture. Start with rented furniture to get an idea of what style, and themes work best with your home. Being able to easily swap furniture will allow you to nail down that perfect vibe.

Build Quality Matters

No matter how beautiful a piece of furniture is, if it cannot stand the test of time it is not worth your money. Durability is the true test of quality furniture. Because of the heavy use, wear and tear is inevitable.

Build Quality Matter

Pick furniture that will not bend to the will of wear and tear within a fleeting period. Avoid wood composites and sheet metal builds. Go instead for solid wood builds. If you can pick hardwoods such as Ash, Birch or Cherry the better as these last longer than softwoods.

Simple is Better

If you have a limited budget or limited time, go for simplicity. The simpler the furniture setting you are aiming for, the easier it will be to achieve. Avoid complex arrangements that may require very specific pieces that may be hard to find.

Simple Is Better

Working with a simple set up, you will find it easier to find the items you need. In addition to a simple set up, also go for pieces with simple finishes. Fancy finishing always comes at an extra cost. To add pizzazz to your set up, opt for accessories. Accessories tend to cost less than furniture with fancy finishing.

Old is Gold

Yves Saint Laurent said fashion fades, but style is eternal. He may have been referring to clothing but the same can be said of furniture. If you find the right piece of antique furniture, it can be a valuable addition to your home for years to come.

Old is Gold

Figure out what you want to buy new and what you can do with used or antique pieces. Usually antiques tend to work well as accent pieces rather than the main furniture. Put together your core setup then look for those beautiful and unique additions to add that finishing touch to your home.

Finish Well

The materials may be great but if the finishing is not, you have some ugly furniture on your hands. When it comes to furniture, workmanship is as important as the materials used to build it. When shopping around, never let the lengthy list of quality materials get to your head. Always look at the finish.

Finish Well

Like Steve Jobs liked to say, when you build something, it should look good both in the parts the user can see and those they cannot see. If you look under the furniture and the finish is poor, that should be a warning bell that the overall finish is not good.

Picking stylish furniture can either be a joy or a drag. Preparing well before getting started is what makes the difference.

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