Reduce Carbon Emissions through Gardening

Climate change has been a worldwide discussion because it’s an issue that must be addressed. Carbon emission causes climate change, and the humankind caused the carbon emissions. It is our duty to reduce carbon emissions, and make sure that the generation to come will live to witness the beauty of mother earth.

There are a lot of ways on how we can help reduce carbon emissions and for others, it can be very tiring, especially for those whose focus is not on reducing carbon emissions.


Industrialization is a Good Sign of Economic Development but is Also the Primary Contributor to Carbon Emissions

“How gardening helps to reduce carbon emissions,” is a statement we want to focus here, but we want to bring attention to gardening as an activity and the reduction of carbon emissions as advocacy.

Planting a home garden can help reduce carbon emissions to the atmosphere; this is according to a study conducted by UC Santa Barbara. Reduction of carbon emissions in gardening will only be successful with the proper tools, plants, and knowledge on gardening.

The beauty of gardening in your own yard is that you can choose what to plant. It could be flowers, trees, shrubs, or vegetables. Whatever it is, it is up to you. Plus, you get to help mother earth by reducing the carbon emissions. To give you an idea of the variety of plants you can choose from and other concerns, you can read more information here.

Take action now and save mother earth by as simple as gardening.

Effective Ways to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Use Planters and Containers

Collect all your empty bottles and do mother earth a favor by not throwing these plastics and use them as containers for your plants. You don’t only make mother earth happy, but you also made your pocket happy by saving some bucks from buying planters or containers made from virgin materials.

Empty Plastic Bottle

Empty Plastic Bottles Can be Used as a Container for Growing Plants

Use Rainwater

Using rainwater when showering your garden is actually very good for your plants. Rainwater is a natural water. The process of evaporation leaves the chemicals behind, thus making the raindrops a clean and pure water. Collecting rainwater using rain barrels and utilizing it for watering your plants also helps you reduce your water bill for at least during the rainy season.

Not only is rainwater useful for watering your garden, if you have an extra rainwater and wants to utilize it, but you can use this when cleaning your garages, cars, or even lawn equipment. Use a pressure washer to help you with your outdoor cleaning jobs.

Use Rain Barrel

Use a Rain Barrel to Collect Rain Water and Use this to Water Your Garden

Make Your Own Compost Pit

Help mother earth by reducing the garbage’s you sent to landfill and create your compost pit instead, where you can throw your garden and kitchen organic wastes. By creating your own compost pit, you make your own fertilizer to feed your garden. This compost pit will provide you with a nutrient-rich soil that you can use for your gardening instead of buying a synthetic fertilizer.

Create Compost Pit

Create a Compost Pit in Your Garden and Save Money from Buying Fertilizer

Plant Trees to Absorb Carbon Dioxide

Spare some space in your yard for tree planting. Trees don’t only provide your yard beauty and shade, but it can absorb and store as much as a ton of carbon pollution, thus giving you fresh air and help reduce your energy consumption for cooling. Tree planting in your garden is truly a wonderful way on how gardening helps to reduce carbon emissions.

Absorb Carbon Dioxide

Trees are Mother Earth’s Green Assistant as It Helps Absorb Carbon Dioxide

Have Your Own Backyard Vegetables

Putting up a backyard vegetable is one way of showing how gardening helps to reduce carbon emissions. Aside from the fact that you’re helping in the reduction of carbon dioxide, you are also giving yourself a favor from the hassle of going to the market to buy vegetables. This not only saves you money but also saves you time.

Plant Own Herbs

Planting Your Own Vegetable Helps You Save Money from Buying


Gardening provides you and your family with a lot of benefits, and don’t forget the fact that you are also helping the environment. See, this is the best part of gardening, you’d not think of how you are helping the earth because when you do gardening; you’d think of it as your hobby and how it would be beneficial for your family.

How gardening helps to reduce carbon emissions will no longer be a statement when you’re aware of its purpose and the impact you are doing, that my friend is your advocacy.

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