The Best Folding Saw Reviews in 2019 – Make the Cut Quickly

You might own a hacksaw or a chainsaw that’s gathering dust in your garage since you almost never use it. gaYou loathe taking any of them out for smaller jobs, but you can’t do that job with other tools you have. Or you might have a large property and lugging such a tool around just to cut a fallen branch is too time-consuming but you have no choice. Or do you? This is where a folding saw comes in handy – a tool that can measure up to some of the larger hacksaws or handsaws out there while being incredibly portable. You can even carry it in your pocket. The benefits of these tools are numerous, but most people still don’t use them – so, we will show off the best folding saws and their greatest upsides in this article. Let’s have a look at why you should get your very own folding saw!

Why Buying a Folding Saw?

The reasons for buying a folding saw are numerous, as it offers plenty of significant benefits over other types of saws and just does a lot of things that they can’t.

The most obvious benefit, of course, is the portability a folding saw can offer. Because it can be folded to half its size and is not that large to begin with, you can take a folding saw almost anywhere with no problems. They can be taken on hiking trips or camping trips, to remote parts of a large property and so on. Even while being portable, they are still able to do the jobs most hacksaws can and in that way can completely replace them in your gardening arsenal.

The other upside to folding saws is that their size and shape make them ideal for jobs that other saws might be too big or too heavy for, while they are still able to handle some tougher work as well. Their versatility makes them a good addition to anyone’s toolkit.

Last, but not least, they are cheaper than most other saw types out there while being similarly useful, making them a great choice for people on a budget as well as those who have money to spare.

There are other benefits to them, but we do not want to keep you here forever.

Folding Saw

Folding Saw Can Offer the Portability

While folding saws might seem like simple tools, there’s a lot more to them, and not every saw is up to the job. Some are just completely useless pieces of junk that you shouldn’t waste your money on. But, how to distinguish the good ones from all the junk that’s out there? Well, we wrote this article with the intention of answering that question. To that end, we will present some of the best folding saws out there right now and offer our opinions on them as well as the reviews of satisfied or unsatisfied customers. With all that info, you should be able to pick a good saw over a bad one, any day. So, let’s look at the products.

Meet the Best Folding Saws

Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw, 7-1/2 -Inch Blade, 7 TPI

The Good: This is a quality made saw that is great for cutting and comfortable to use.

The Bad: It has some safety issues due to the lock not working properly.

The Bottom Line: While it is a great saw in almost every regard, you need to contest with the faulty lock when using it.

Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw, 10 Inch Curved Blade, RS 7265D

The Good: It features a great, huge blade that is good at cutting almost anything and highly durable.

The Bad: The other parts of this saw are not up to snuff and are badly designed.

The Bottom Line: If we were only looking at the blade, this saw would be the winner, but as a complete package, it’s got more than a few glaring flaws.

EverSaw Folding Hand Saw All-Purpose, Wood, Bone, PVC. Best for Tree Pruning, Camping, Hunting, Toolbox. Rugged 8" Blade, Solid Grip - Quality Made for Real Work

The Good: This saw is comfortable to use and needs little maintenance compared to others.

The Bad: It gets stuck easily and has some glaring safety issues.

The Bottom Line: It’s a great saw overall, but not as versatile as some others and has problems with getting stuck and not locking properly.

These are only the rough descriptions of the products – for more detailed reviews and impressions, keep reading.

All of the Factors Considered

The folding saw has existed for a long time, and during that time people have come up with plenty of variations on the basic concept. As a result, there are plenty of different folding saws out there, each offering something unique, something a little bit extra that’s supposed to make it stand out. So, how to find the best one? Well, if you simply consider all the aspects we list here, it shouldn’t be that hard.


One of the most important aspects of a folding saw is the material it’s made of and how durable they are as well as if the saw has a sturdy construction. Folding saws, while used for lighter jobs than their larger counterparts, are still able to go through a lot of abuse and should be made to last for an extended period of time. So, you should make sure to get a saw with a blade made from sturdy materials and thick enough not to bend or break easily. You should also be careful when you look at how the entire saw is constructed, to see if the handle might be prone to breaking or if the saw and the handle are well connected. Getting a cheap product only hampers you in the long run, and might even pose safety issues.

Blade Length and Shape

The length the folding saw blade determines the size of the wood that the saw can cut, simple as that. However, straight saws are different than curved ones – while they might be the same size, straight ones can usually cut larger wood, but require more effort to use and a different cutting technique. Curved saws are easier to use, but they have a more limited cutting capacity.

While usually bigger is better, that is not necessarily the case when it comes to folding saw blades. Folding saws are primarily meant to be portable tools that can be carried around easily and whipped out at a moment’s notice, whenever and wherever they need to be used. If a folding saw blade is too large to carry it comfortably, it defeats the entire purpose of the tool.

So, take all of this into consideration when picking the right folding saw for your needs.

Number of Teeth

The teeth are the part of the blade that makes a saw what it is. When it comes to almost any saw, the size of the teeth, as well as the number of teeth per inch (or TPI for short), is an important factor to how well it performs.

Saws that have a high TPI usually make smoother, cleaner cuts but blades with a higher TPI tend to cut faster, although the cuts are messier. For example, if you need a saw for pruning, that won’t hurt your plants too much, you should get a saw with smaller teeth and high TPI. If you just need it to cut wood as efficiently as possible, get one with larger teeth and lower TPI.

The design of the teeth is also important here, as some saws can only cut on the back stroke, while others cut on both the back and the forward stroke, making for a smoother cutting experience.

Comfort and Safety

While they might not be real heavy duty tools, folding saws are still meant to be used for extended time periods, so they should be comfortable to the user. A handle that fits nicely in your hand can make a job that much easier and faster, while a bad handle will require you to take constant breaks and will just slow you down. In addition to that, not all saws are made for everyone – some are not fit for left-handed people, and that could cause discomfort.

Also, due to their design and how the blade folds into the handle teeth-first, a folding saw can be dangerous if not handled or built properly. You should always check how secure the blade is when unfolded, so it doesn’t fold back during work, straight into your fingers. They are overall safer than chainsaws or hacksaws, but it still pays off to be careful and pick a good saw that will help you stay safe instead of a cheap mess that might hurt you.

Now that you know what you should look for in a folding saw, here’s how our selected products rank in those areas.

In-depth Reviews of 3 Folding Saws

Bahco 396-LAP
This is a great versatile tool that can perform a variety of jobs, has a great blade design meaning it rarely gets stuck and is superbly portable. There are some safety issues with it, however, and they are not that easy to resolve.
Blade Length and Shape90
Number of Teeth90
Comfort and Safety90
What We Like
Cuts on both forward and backward movement
Has no problems with getting stuck
Comfortable handle
What We Don't Like
The blade is thin
The lock can fail at times
The leather strap is flimsy

Key Features

Made to Last

This is a solid metal construction with a blade that is specially coated for protection from rust and lower friction. The handle is made out of durable plastic that is sure to last.

Long Straight Blade

The blade is seven and a half inches long and straight. It’s durable and able to cut through almost anything with no problems, cutting at both the forward and the back stroke.

XT Toothing

With seven teeth per inch, this blade can cut through both dry and green wood as well as many other materials with ease, and it never gets stuck in them.

Plastic Handle with Two Components

This plastic handle is built for having a perfect, safe grip and a leather strap for easy carrying or better gripping. It’s equipped with a safety lock that can keep the blade in the in our out position.

Customer Reviews

A couple of weeks ago I bought this to have an additional lightweight cutting tool for use around the house and outdoors. It’s an incredible improvement over my older folding saw. It cuts on both the back and forward stroke, allowing you not to waste any energy. I used it to cut both dead and green wood, and it worked marvelously on both. Cutting small timber with it is incredibly easy. The blade is thin, however, but it is made of good quality steel that was well-coated. Don’t force too much and let the teeth do the work and it will be fine, it won’t bend or break. The locking feature is good for carrying it around safely. In all honesty, this is the best folding saw I ever owned.
I have multiple folding saws, and they don’t compare that well to this one. The corona saw cuts a bit better, but it is much heavier and bulkier than this one. The others I have are just flat out worse, and some were even more expensive. The Laplander is incredibly easy to use, folds up to a ridiculously small size and is easy to stuff into cargo pants or a jacket pocket.

To be honest, I like most of the saws I have but I like this one the best, and it is the one I usually carry around with me if I need to make a quick cut. It’s not great for incredibly large pieces of wood, but it does well for most jobs. It’s a reliable, durable and extremely portable saw that is worth buying.

This is just great value for the money, it’s supremely compact and incredibly durable for its size, while just eating through the wood. I can’t say if it can measure up to some larger nine-inch logs, but for logs of around six inches or smaller, it works more than fine. It’s useful when going backpacking or hiking or doing anything that requires you to carry something small and compact. It can process a lot of wood, but be careful with it and don’t force it too much. I’m satisfied with it, and I hope others will be too.

Who Should Buy This Product

This handy folding saw is suitable for almost anyone who needs a smaller tool that can cut extremely well. Despite its smaller size, it can handle some of the more heavy duty tasks, but it is ideal for pruning and similar work around the house, due to its tightly packed teeth and the ability to cut on forward and backward movements.

What to Watch Out For

There are a few minor things wrong with this blade, but the biggest one is that the lock on it is prone to failure. It can be fixed up, but that requires a lot of fiddling and some advanced knowledge. When using it straight out of the box, the problem with the lock is bound to cause some safety issues.

The Conclusion

It’s quite a handy tool this, being a saw with a superbly long and well-designed blade that never gets stuck and cuts on both strokes. It is usable for both heavier and lighter tasks and remains light and portable. However, the problems with the lock make it potentially unsafe unless you fiddle with it. Still a great product, but that is something to consider.

Corona RS 7265D
The real strength of this saw is in its blade – it’s incredibly long, made out of a large but very sturdy material meaning it doesn’t break, get stuck or needs a lot of cleaning and sharpening. However, the problems come in the overall design of the entire saw.
Blade Length and Shape95
Number of Teeth95
Comfort and Safety75
What We Like
Great cutting diameter
Extremely durable blade that rarely needs sharpening
Good safety features
What We Don't Like
Doesn’t cut small branches well
When the blade is folded
the teeth are in the lanyard hole
The screws tend to pop out

Key Features

Good, Sturdy Construction

The blade is made of Japanese SK5 steel that is high in carbon and has incredible hardness, making for a tool that will last for years of constant use.

Lengthy Curved Blade

This saw features a long, ten-inch curved blade that is best for cutting logs and branches of five or six inches in diameter. The blade is also easily replaceable and has a hard chrome coating for reduced friction.

More Teeth than a Shark

There are six teeth per inch on this blade giving it the ability to make clean cuts on wood limbs, as well as making easy diagonal cuts. It’s ideal for pruning your trees. They are impulse-hardened as well, and able to remove three times more material per stroke.

Ergonomically Designed

The handle covers the blade when folded, and it has a pistol grip mitigating hand slippage and reducing the chance of injury. The blade is easy to latch and lock meaning that it won’t accidentally cut your hand.

Customer Reviews

There was an incredible storm here in Wisconsin a few weeks ago, and it brought down a lot of large trees in the woods where I usually hike. So I had a choice between just not hiking for a while or carrying a chainsaw with me for many miles. But there was another thing I could do – just carry this and clear my path with it. It did the trick, to say the least. I used it to cut limbs around six to seven inches thick, and it just saws through them like they’re nothing. Even when I used it on some thicker stuff, more than ten inches, it had no problems. It’s an incredible saw that you can easily carry with you and for that, it earns my recommendation.
I have a couple of folding saws that I use on a daily basis since I’m a professional arborist. It always locks and opens easily, stays secure, doesn’t require a lot of sharpening and came at a good price.

The only problem I have with is that the screws seem to be low quality, or at least the sockets for them. They fall out almost every day, no matter how much I tighten them. So I replaced them with different screws and sockets, and now it's fine, but that is an issue.

This is an insanely great saw; it just went through a two-by-four on my balcony like it was a piece of toast. I took it out into the woods and tested it on various pieces of wood, and it sliced through everything, even the tougher branches.

The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is the fact that the saw goes through the hole where you are expected to put some cord through, to attach things. If you do, the saw will cut it, making that feature useless. However, if you don’t intend on doing that, it’s not an issue, and for me, this is an almost perfect product.

Who Should Buy This Product

If you need a pruning saw of larger trees, this is your pick. This folding saw has a huge blade that is well designed and can make clean cuts that don’t hurt your plants. In addition to that, it can also work on more heavy duty projects and cut some large logs if need be.

What to Watch Out For

There are multiple faults with the design of this saw. Due to the way the blade is designed it has a lot of trouble cutting smaller branches and just mangles them. In addition to that, the screws that keep the blade and the handle together are loose and often come undone. A minor annoyance as well is that the blade will cut any lanyard you might put on this when it folds.

The Conclusion

Overall, this is an awesome folding saw that has an incredible blade, well made, durable, sharp, and difficult to dull or break, and just overall a quality piece of kit. Shame the same can’t be said about the rest of the saw as it is plagued by different design faults that make it hard to recommend at face value. However, if you’re ready to put up with the flaws, it might be worth a look.

Home Planet Gear Folding Saw
This is a folding saw with a great quality blade that almost never needs to be cleaned or sharpened and seemingly takes care of itself. Pair that with how comfortable and easy to use it is, and what’s not to love? Well, the fact the locking mechanism is faulty and that the saw constantly gets stuck.
Blade Length and Shape95
Number of Teeth95
Comfort and Safety90
What We Like
Almost never needs sharpening
Durable and flexible blade
Extremely comfortable to use
What We Don't Like
The locking mechanism doesn’t work properly
he saw can get stuck at times
Cuts only in the pull direction

Key Features

Rugged and Durable

The blade is made from strong carbon steel, it’s difficult to dull and almost unbreakable, but is still flexible enough to make awkward cuts.

Sharp Blade

The large eight-inch blade with a straight design can cut branches of up to 4 inches in diameter with ease. It is small enough to get into tight spaces easily but remains large enough to be able to take on some heavier tasks without a problem.

Triple-cut Teeth

Nine teeth per inch, all triple cut and hardened ensuring that they will stay sharp over long time periods. It can make smooth cuts without a problem.

Safe, Ergonomic Design

The handle is made to fit nicely in your hand with a comfortable grip that is resistant to slipping. The gear-style lock ensures that the blade stays safely in position and doesn’t injure you. The blade folds into the handle entirely, and no part stays out, so it’s safe to carry.

Customer Reviews

I’m incredibly glad I bought this saw since I’m an old man and I can’t use many of the tools I have anymore. So, this quickly rose to the top of my favorite tools list because I can use it with ease and can do some bigger, tougher jobs with it. I used it to cut down a thick palm tree in my yard and prune some others. The saw cut through it like it was nothing and I was surprised by how little effort I had to expend. It had a reasonable price as well; it’s small, maneuverable and portable but strong and can perform heavier jobs. It works better than I ever thought it would and I would recommend it to anyone.
It’s a great saw; I would recommend it to most people – but with a few caveats. The thing with the blade is that it’s too straight and I think it would be more effective if it were slightly curved instead. The locking mechanism is also not up to snuff, and it can easily be unlocked if you put too much pressure on the tool while sawing – you should be careful how you hold it, or you might hurt yourself. Other than that, no issues, and it does the job marvelously.
I bought this saw as a substitute to my hacksaw for cutting some staves that I was using for a project, but it quickly replaced it as my primary saw. It’s incredibly sharp, and it has large teeth that can cut through anything. It does get stuck sometimes, but that could be because of my cutting technique, I’m not used to saws with this kind of blade. It’s amazingly useful, and I am a happy customer.

Who Should Buy This Product

If you need a low-maintenance and comfortable-to-use blade while being quality made but not too expensive, this is for you. It’s made to be durable; the handle is extremely comfortable to hold over longer time periods, and the blade itself rarely needs any cleaning or sharpening.

What to Watch Out For

The locking mechanism just doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, as the adjustable screw just can’t stay tightened no matter what you do. Another problem with this saw is that it can get stuck easily, as it only cuts in the pull direction. If you’re trying to use it for something more heavy duty, it’s guaranteed to get stuck.

The Conclusion

Certainly one of the better saws out there due to how strong and durable the blade is, this saw can take on almost anything with no issues. However, the problems with the locking mechanism not working as described as well as it constantly getting stuck is what keeps it from earning the top spot. It’s still good, but not amazing.

The Best Pick – Bahco 396-LAP

Due to the immense number of products that are out there, it’s difficult to pick a single product as the best one. Different people have different needs, and something that’s good for one person might be bad for another.

However, out of the products we listed here, we strongly believe that the Bahco 396-LAP represents the best a folding saw can offer. It’s an excellent, complete package, something the other saws in this roundup can’t measure up to – it has one glaring flaw, sure, but it is a nicely balanced design that doesn’t favor the handle or the blade over the other. Both parts of this saw are quality-made and not just one – that earns it the top spot.

Video Review

The Conclusion

So, that is our pick for the best folding saw you can get right now. But, that might not be the best folding saw for you, specifically. You should consider what you need and use all the info we have presented here to pick the product that will fit your needs the best. We can only hope that our article was helpful enough. If it was, share it around, it’s possible someone else will find it useful. Until next time, have a good day cutting with your new folding saw.


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