Roofing Style Guide: Modern Versus Traditional

You need to replace your roof, and you have some ideas about how to upgrade your home to get the character you want, but you have no idea whether you should go with classic or modern chic, right? Crisp, modern lines are your favorite, but a traditional style appeals to potential buyers, so how do you choose which roofing style is right for your home? Below is an in-depth look at both design choices, hopefully giving you the ability to make the right choice for your property.

Traditional Roof

Traditional roofs are generally a sloping variety that has a mix of designs; vents, chimneys, and architectural features that break up the lines and keep the eye moving. This architectural style typically usually involves asphalt shingles and requires treatment every fifteen years or less. Dark, suburban roofs dot street corners in every major city,keeping the uniform style alive – modern flat roofs are still the exception, rather than the rule. Bolder homeowners may even go with a metal roof like copper or standing seam to give the home unique character and design features.

Modern Roof

Modern roofs use green materials, sun reflecting surfaces (such as roll roofing), and light colors to give homes a crisp design. Most modern style roofs have overhangs that get rid of the use of gutters and rain systems creating a cheaper and easier maintenance scenario for homeowners. Houzz says that modern does not always mean new; apparently what we refer to as “modern style homes” date back to the early 1900’s. The whitewash colors, flat rooftops, and simplistic designs are what gives a house a modern designation. Large windows, skylights, stone, and metal add-ons are other features that create modern lines in home architecture.

Redfin says that homes with simpler lines require less maintenance, saving you time and hassle in the long run. This convenience makes it much easier for busy professionals to keep up with chores and upkeep, and you’ll end up spending less money on repairs. A minimalist design leaves fewer places for leaks to develop as well, and fewer maintenance issues means fewer calls to your Toronto roofers. You may end up saving more money too, and if you stay on top of tips for taking care of your roof by browsing the Pro Roofer’s blog, you’ll definitely have your roofing situation well in hand!

Find a Professional

No matter which style you prefer, finding a top-notch contractor is the best way to ensure that your roof installation goes from drab to fab. You will know that you are getting quality services and materials from a local professional that has the licenses and insurance to work on homes in the area. In the end, the overall design and the amount of maintenance are two of the biggest considerations when choosing between a traditional style roofing design and a more modern look, so make sure a good amount of thought and care goes into these factors.

Toronto roofers can help you consider your design choices and make an informed decision about which roof will fit into your lifestyle and design preference. You can select options factoring in your design choices, maintenance abilities, resell forecasts, and personal style preferences.

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