The Best Wheelbarrow Reviews in 2019 – Carry Everything Efficiently

Having a large garden and tending to it by yourself can be a very fulfilling experience. However, it’s also a tiring one, as you need to lug around a lot of heavy material and tools. The older you are, the harder it gets. Still, you want to continue tending to your garden just like before. In that case, getting a wheelbarrow or garden cart might be the perfect option, as it will make your job considerably easier. Still, you might not know what to look for when buying one. That’s why we wrote this handy guide – to help you get the best wheelbarrow for your needs. As a bonus, we’ve added one garden cart as well, since some of you might look for the garden cart more than a wheelbarrow.

Why Buying a Wheelbarrow/Garden Cart?

You might be inclined to think… Well, old timer, I’m still young and spry; I can do everything with my own two hands! Why would I need a wheelbarrow/garden cart? And I wouldn’t fault you for that. There’s a certain satisfaction to be had in doing everything you can with your own strength, while you are still able. Regardless, you must consider the risks of doing that, especially if you have a family.

Like we said above, using a wheelbarrow/garden cart instead of doing it all by hand can help you avoid unnecessary injuries. Many different tools used in gardening are very sharp and dropping even one of them on your leg or foot is very dangerous. Even if that doesn’t happen, the long-term damage to your back can be even worse, and you won’t notice it until it’s too late.

However, that’s not the only or even the main reason to get a cart or a wheelbarrow. The actual main reason is that it’s just efficient. It saves you a lot of time and effort carrying all the materials and tools you need – time and effort that can be put into being productive in your garden.

Buying a Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow Saves You a Lot of Time and Effort

Some people think wheelbarrows and garden carts are a hassle in and of themselves – but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. They are usually designed in such a way as to be suited for outdoor use. They are spacious enough to carry anything that you might need and run smoothly over almost any terrain. Moreover, they are made from materials resistant to water or sunlight damage.

While most wheelbarrows and garden carts can be used in nearly any situation you would encounter, they are not all the same, and some perform markedly better than others. Here we are presenting three different wheelbarrows and one garden cart, and we compare them on a variety of factors while taking the overwhelming customer feedback they received into the account. Let’s see how they measure up!

Meet the Best Wheelbarrows and Garden Cart

Worx Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart, Dolly, and Wheelbarrow with Flat Free Tires - WG050

The Good: Lightweight, durable and highly versatile, this is a cart that will easily cover most of your needs.

The Bad: The asking price is rather steep, and it is not suited for any heavy-duty work due to the low carrying capacity.

The Bottom Line: Even though it’s a bit pricey, this wheelbarrow more than delivers by being highly versatile and durable.

Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart for Lawn, Construction - Green

The Good: Simple but durable and easy to use, with good capacity. Useful for beginners and pros alike.

The Bad: Not able to support heavy loads as the flimsier parts of the construction will threaten to give in.

The Bottom Line: A very basic product in essence, but efficient for most tasks except carrying some weighty loads. Works great otherwise.

Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart - Green

The Good: Extremely lightweight and easy to use, while being cheaper than most competitors and offering the same benefits.

The Bad: The reason it’s so light is simple – the materials are fragile and will crack and dent under even moderate load, let alone anything heavier.

The Bottom Line: Simple but effectively designed wheelbarrow, very well suited for use with light loads in small gardens – but nothing else.

Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame and 10-in. Pneumatic Tires, 600-Pound Capacity, Black

The Good: A durable cart that can carry extreme loads without any issue and is sure to last for a long time.

The Bad: The lack of brakes and shallowness make it tip over way too often, not to mention how difficult it is to construct.

The Bottom Line: None of the other products can carry this much load, and carefulness can easily make up for the downsides this cart has, making it more than worth using.

These are just short summaries of impressions – the detailed reviews are following.

All of the Factors Considered

Wheelbarrows and garden carts might appear simple at first, but they are made from a lot of different moving parts, and there’s plenty to consider when purchasing one for use in your backyard. There are some aspects you might not even think of while buying but can become a big problem later on. So, to make things easier for you, here are the most significant aspects we looked at while ranking and comparing these three + one products.


Durability is important for a product you intend to be using for lugging heavy stuff around, and you certainly don’t want it to break in a couple of weeks. Good wheelbarrows can withstand big loads and harsh weather without falling apart.

Steel is the most durable material that a cart bed can be made of, but it is also the heaviest, susceptible to rust and can be damaged by substances that are acidic in nature, like compost.

Polyethylene is only a little less resistant to physical damage than steel while being lighter and less corrosive.

Plastic is the lightest, but also the most fragile material by far – wheelbarrows made from plastic can even crack from too much sunlight exposure.

Each material has its positives and negatives, but in the end, the choice is up to you and depends on what you want to use your cart for.


Probably the most significant thing to consider when buying a wheelbarrow is the capacity. Higher capacity carts can carry larger and heavier objects but are themselves bigger and more cumbersome. Still, if you have a large property that is what you should choose. For smaller gardens, a lighter wheelbarrow with lower capacity will do.

Wheels (number and types)

Two-wheeled wheelbarrows are the most prevalent these days, but four-wheeled carts are not far behind, and one-wheeled models remain a beloved classic. Here, it’s all up to what you need to carry and how strong you are.

Same goes for the tires. Pneumatic ones are most common, made of rubber and filled with air are great on many different, bumpy terrains, but can be punctured, albeit not easily. Solid, plastic tires cannot be punctured but are not suitable for heavier loads. Still, if you’re only traversing soft, grassy surfaces, plastic tires are just fine.

Multi-functional capability

Some wheelbarrows can offer additional, useful features – whether it is extra pockets or removable bags, exchangeable handle types, or even a small inbuilt motor. There is a large variety of carts out there with useful extras that can make your work much easier and comfortable.

With that out of the way, here’s how we ranked these popular wheelbarrows (and a bonus garden cart) according to the criteria we just listed.

And now for more detailed reviews of all these garden carts:

In-depth Reviews of 3 Wheelbarrows and 1 Garden Cart

WORX Aerocart
WORX Aerocart is a two-wheel utility wagon that can easily switch between eight different forms, covering the functions of a wheelbarrow, hand truck, cylinder holder, potted plant mover, rock lifter, bag holder, trailer mover and extended dolly – all in one. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, light weight, durable construction and the ability to make a 200-lbs load feel like only 17 lbs, it’s suited for a wide variety of users, easily justifying its price.
Multi-functional Capability95
What We Like
Can easily switch between eight different configurations - which offers a lot of versatility
Flat-free tires that never need to be inflated
long-lasting steel construction
What We Don't Like
Steep price when compared to similar wheelbarrows
Low carrying capacity
Too small and lightweight for any heavy-duty work

Key Features

Versatile and Easy-to-use Design

Being able to convert into eight different cart types is a massive boon, allowing you to use this product for anything you need around your house and garden. What’s even better is that you can change it from one form to another without the need to use any tools, and anyone can do it. As soon as you want to use it for a different function, it can switch to the form you need in under a minute.

Turbo Lift Technology

Patented two-wheel design that adjusts the center of gravity and balance, allowing you to carry heavy loads without any issue while making it feel up to 4 times lighter than it is. Helps you avoid injuries as well as strain to your back, making it perfect for both old and young people.

Durable and All-steel Construction

This wheelbarrow is made entirely from steel, making it highly durable and resistant to physical damage. Despite that, it’s rather lightweight, weighing in at only around 48 pounds, but it feels even lighter. When lugging heavy materials around in it, the benefits of this sturdy but low-weight construction are even more noticeable.

Large Flat-free Tires

Big tires that can run smoothly on most terrains, while being resistant to punctures and never needing to be re-inflated.

Customer Reviews

It is rather light and effortless for even a 75-year-old like me to use this wheelbarrow! I love the slick design; it makes it easy to maneuver around boulders, through loose cinder and makes dumping very simple. I haven't tested the other functions yet, but I'm sure they will meet or exceed my expectations. I have gone through 4 wheelbarrows in 20 years. The cheaper ones rust through at the bolts even when I heavily coat them with silicone sealant. The heavy-duty ones usually start rusting on the bottom braces. I'll try and let you know how long this one lasts.
It’s great wheelbarrow that can be moved rather effortlessly even with heavier loads. The planter pick up tool is fine but be careful with the balance or your planter pot will tip over; so double-check if you got the sling high up and safely fastened prior to lifting, then hoist it up slowly.
Works as advertised and is precisely what I expected. Some people complain that it’s too small, but I suppose that is all a matter of opinion. For my wife and me, this is the ideal cart for moving soil, rocks, mulch, and so on around. Even my daughter can easily lift it up and haul rocks around!

Who Should Buy This Product

This cart is great for people who need that little bit of versatility in their backyard and don’t have a large garden or the need to carry around a lot of really heavy materials. What the product lacks in carrying capacity it more than makes up for with all the different functions it has. Not for heavy-duty use, but great for occasional lightweight work and will be useful for a long time.

What to Watch Out For

While there aren’t any significant drawbacks present, the lack of carrying capacity can be an issue if there ever comes a time where you need to move around a lot of dirt or rocks for example – in that case, this just won’t do, and you’ll have to get something larger. That’s just one function this wheelbarrow can’t switch to, and with how much it costs you might not have enough left over to buy an additional cart if you happen to need it.

The Conclusion

Even though the price is a bit steep, this is a great product for most users, especially those who don’t do any heavy-duty work. With how versatile it is it will almost certainly cover most of your needs and its durable build ensures that it will serve you well for a long time. However, it just won’t do for anyone who needs to carry around plenty materials on a daily basis – but for anybody else, it’s great.

Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow
Simplicity is not a bad thing at all, and that's what this wheelbarrow easily proves. Offering a basic but effective design that is comfortable to use, easy to store and great for both beginners and pros, it easily makes a great first impression. The durable construction makes sure the long-term impression is good as well, but with prolonged use, some drawbacks to this product also begin to become apparent.
Multi-functional Capability70
What We Like
Easy to assemble
Lightweight with a great handle - making it easy to use
Durable and resistant to rust
What We Don't Like
The barrow tends to deform during loading
Only parts of it are made from steel and poly – everything else is plastic
The wheels can get deflated rather easily

Key Features

Sturdy Construction

Constructed from powder coated steel, rubber, and polyurethane, this wheelbarrow is completely rust resistant and durable, making it a product suited for long-term heavy-duty use in your garden. It can support loads of up to 265 pounds with ease.

Spacious Design

With a deep barrow and five cubic foots of space, this wheelbarrow is a natural fit for large loads of soil or dirt, allowing you to transport vast amounts of materials without the need to take many trips and unnecessarily strains yourself. Makes your work much more expedient.

Easy to Store

This wheelbarrow is made with storage in mind, with a compact build so it can easily fit into almost any storage area and take up very little space. This means you don’t have to awkwardly squeeze it in somewhere and risk getting it broken by the strain. One less thing to worry about.

Comfortable to Use

The thick padded loop handle can also be used as a stand, and makes pushing this wheelbarrow really comfortable. Combined with the two-wheel design with large, 13-inch rubber pneumatic tires, this wheelbarrow is easy to steer and push around, even over rough terrain. You won’t have to risk tumbling whatever you’re carrying or tipping it over while making a sharp turn.

Customer Reviews

The best wheelbarrow I have ever used. Easy to push and pull around, even when full. Two people are required to assemble it properly, but definitely worth the extra effort. This is being utilized for Master Gardener projects & will get a decent workout for sure.
Arrived quickly and tightly packaged. This wheelbarrow is decently constructed and was really simple to assemble. It’s very firm, steady and comfortable to maneuver. I have been hauling a ton of heavy crushed stone with it and, so far, it has performed to my best expectations.
I adore it. It is working for what I require it for. I have a few other carts from another manufacturer that I love because they are larger and can carry more stuff. Just was not willing to spend that kind of money on this. So, I would award this wheelbarrow 4 and a half stars. I like it a lot because it is light in weight and moves really smoothly across the yard.

Who Should Buy This Product

This is a wheelbarrow ideally suited for gardeners in need of a simple, but really effective piece of gear to haul their dirt, rocks, grass, compost, or whatever else is required. It’s suitable for long work sessions and work in harsh weather, making it great for heavy duty work – especially because it’s rather comfortable and you will hardly (if ever), get tired or uncomfortable from using it. This product is very easy to put together and disassemble as well, so even amateurs can make great use of it and storing it is not a hassle.

What to Watch Out For

While it has a lot of space, it cannot actually support some significantly heavy loads – so filling it to the brim with rocks is not recommendable. Especially because the barrow tends to deform under heavier loads, and it’s not entirely made of durable materials – there is some plastic in there that might crack under pressure. The wheels also tend to deflate when carrying heavier stuff.

However, none of the things I just listed are actually an issue when the wheelbarrow is used for lighter or medium weight loads.

The Conclusion

Here we have a pretty basic and simple wheelbarrow, which is more than adequate for its intended use. It struggles a bit with heavier loads, it’s true, but it works just fine in every other situation. It’s also easy to assemble and comfortable to use, making it perfect for people who do mostly amateur gardening work but can also prove useful to more experienced gardeners. All things considered, it’s excellent value for the price.

Marathon Yard Rover
Not a complicated garden wheelbarrow, but a useful one nonetheless, making itself noticed primarily by its extremely lightweight design that is probably unrivaled amongst its competitors, as well as a cheap price, it proves to be a great boon for light garden work. However, when put under some heavier pressure, that’s when the cracks and dents begin to show and you realize why this wheelbarrow is as light as it is.
Multi-functional Capability70
What We Like
Rust resistant
Very easy to use and maneuver
More affordable than most competitors
What We Don't Like
Not suited for any real heavy duty work
Tires are easily damaged and punctured
The plastic parts are prone to denting and bending

Key Features

Extremely Lightweight Design

At only 29 pounds, this wheelbarrow is almost 25% lighter than most other wheelbarrows of its type, and even lighter than some cloth or fabric carts. This makes it easier to lift, balance and maneuver, whether when empty or full, reducing the strain on your body.


The 5-cubic-foot tray is spacious enough for carrying a variety of different materials with ease, such as gravel, dirt, wood, rocks and much more. When combined with the light weight of the wheelbarrow itself, you are able to push and pull bigger loads with less effort than you would with other similar products.

Easy to Use

With two big wheels and a comfortable loop handle, the Yard Rover is easy to lift, push or pull for nearly anyone.


The loop handle is rather handy for storage, allowing you to easily hang this wheelbarrow on the wall in a shed or a garage when not using it, eliminating the need for a significant amount of storage space.

Customer Reviews

I managed to assemble it together rather quickly. The quality of the bolts that came with it could be improved. Shallow slotted stove bolts are used here. It proves difficult to hold the head steady when using a screwdriver while tightening the nuts by yourself. Carriage bolts would have served better for this product. Grease for the axels is not included in the package, so I coated it using heavy grease I had laying around - rolls very smoothly now, very firm and stable. There is a strong annoying rubber smell coming from the tires. You will need to keep this one outside of the house (Made in China – not a surprise at all.)
I've been using the Yard Rover for more than a month now and I can thoroughly recommend it. It's hauled over 1,000 pounds of soil and dirt as we rebuilt our raised bed gardens and handled it without any issues. While some users complained about it being difficult to put together out of the box, if you just carefully read and follow the instructions you can assemble it in almost no time at all. I've also had no problems with its tires, even though multiple reviewers complained about them. Overall, it's a superb wheelbarrow, and the huge wheels help it roll around the rough ground of my backyard with ease.
When I bought it, it came with the box already open. Although the packaging was all roughed up, every vital piece was still there. The instructions were pretty simple, and it was easy for me to assemble things together. It took around half an hour to do so, if not less. I wanted a poly wheelbarrow, and this one fulfilled my needs well, and it was not expensive at all. I'm very satisfied with this item.

Who Should Buy This Product

This is a decent wheelbarrow suited for pretty much anyone that might need something to carry a large amount of materials – as long as it’s not too heavy. Particularly useful for older people who don’t want to strain themselves too much, or just people who are not that strong and are casual gardeners, only needing to carry light loads.

What to Watch Out For

Despite seemingly being good for inexperienced people, this wheelbarrow does require some specific tools for the assembly process. Moreover, there’s a good reason it’s super-light – the materials it’s made off are really flimsy. Using it with any heavier loads will quickly lead to some damage to the tray, as it bends and deforms rather easily. Even the tires quickly deflate or even puncture under extreme weights, and it’s not a good idea to push past the weight limits of this wheelbarrow or even come close to them.

The Conclusion

The Yard Rover is a rather decent wheelbarrow for some lighter work in smaller gardens, carting around things like dirt, leaves, grass and similar materials. However, using it for heavy duty work of any kind is really not recommended – but if you stick to easier and lighter loads, you should be pleased with it. It’s easy and convenient to use and store, and not expensive at all, which makes it suitable for most users.

BONUS: Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart
As a bonus product on this list, this newly-designed product from Gorilla Carts comes with a lot of nifty features, the most notable of which is the quick-release dumping feature. It's durable construction, and a carrying capacity of a whopping 600 pounds makes it easily stand out above the rest in terms of sheer numbers. However, it's far from perfect, and the downsides might show before you even manage to assemble it and start using it.
Multi-functional Capability75
What We Like
Solid construction
making it durable
sturdy and resistant to rust
Carrying capacity of up to 600 pounds
Very flexible and lightweight
What We Don't Like
Difficult to assemble and does not hold together well
No built-in brakes so it tends to tip over
Too shallow to carry some materials

Key Features

Quick-release Dump Feature

The patented dump technology with a quick-release trigger allows you to easily dump anything you might be carrying on a moment’s notice. It also allows the cart to be easily loaded with materials when needed. If you’re making a lot of trips and lugging around plenty of materials, this significantly speeds things up.

Balanced 4-wheel Design

With four wheels, each with a large 10-inch pneumatic tire, this cart is easy to pull around and maneuver with, even on rough terrain. Add the comfortable padded grip handle to that, and it’s quite difficult to spill anything even when hauling a large amount of material through a bumpy garden.

36-inch by 20-inch Polyethylene Bed

The large cart bed is made of polyethylene, making it highly durable and resistant to rust, allowing you to work even in harsh weather conditions and transport tons of stuff without issues. Moreover, it’s exceptionally light, making this cart a breeze to pull around.

600-lb Carrying Capacity

Allows you to carry a large amount of materials at once, eliminating the need for many return trips when doing heavy duty work with a lot of lugging around. When you consider the ease with which this cart can be pulled around, it makes your job significantly simpler and faster.

Customer Reviews

Great cart for mulching and doing work around the garden. It works excellently for the most part. If I could go back in time, I would have chosen of the larger models that Gorilla offers - I found this one to be a little too small for my personal needs. My wife disagrees though; she thinks it’s perfectly fine. Love using it regardless of that.
This cart works pretty much as you would expect - reliable, functional and refreshingly easy to navigate on rough terrain, over curbs, up a couple of steps, etc. Relatively lightweight and sturdy - a fine balance. Assembly is exceptionally easy – in case you own a socket wrench as well as an adjustable wrench. Otherwise, have someone assist you for 10 minutes or so to hold the nuts and bolts on the other side of the cart, which can be difficult to do on your own, especially if you have pliers and nothing else. The odor, as others have already noted, is very pungent and irritating, but it disperses quite rapidly. Remove the cardboard and packaging from your house as soon as you can and place the cart outside for a couple of weeks. After that, it can be stored inside the garage with no further issues.
Amazing cart, carries its load well, clears steps efficiently with its raised axles. Now I did replace the hardware, as was advised by another consumer, and assembled it with no significant issues. I foresee plenty of years of satisfaction with this cart!

Who Should Buy This Product

This is a great cart for carrying a lot of material around, especially on difficult terrain and over larger distances, so people who have large properties and do plenty of construction projects and dirt moving should consider purchasing this cart. It’s lightweight, durable and can carry a lot – just be careful around curves.

What to Watch Out For

The biggest issue encountered when using this cart is the lack of breaks, meaning that you must be careful when taking sharp turns; otherwise, the cart will just tip over and tumble everything. Combined with how shallow it actually is, it can pose a real problem when you’re trying to carry a lot of materials in a hurry.

Some people also have problems assembling it, but that doesn’t seem to hold true for everyone.

The Conclusion

Pretty good and valuable product overall, having some downsides that only show in very specific situations. The difficulties people had with putting it together are something to consider, if you are a person that’s not good with tools. Still, what it offers is more than worth the price, as the carrying capacity it has and the comfort and ease of use it provides are well above average, making it stand out amongst the competition.

The Best Pick – WORX Aerocart

There are plenty of different wheelbarrows and garden carts on the market that you can get and the amount of choice can be pretty overwhelming at times. You might not know whether to get a simple but effective product or something more complicated and expensive that might pay off later when it turns out you can use it for something you didn’t even think off when choosing what to buy.

That depends on you and your needs, but the only wheelbarrow that is able to fulfill the needs of most people, to take on almost any task you put in front it and will definitely come in handy when you least expect it is the WORX Aerocart, without a doubt. The ability to switch between eight different forms, each with a uniquely useful ability, is a great benefit, especially for people who don’t use their carts a lot and don’t want to spend money on multiple products. In that sense, this is the best product you can get.

Video Review


Even though that is the wheelbarrow we consider to be the best one you can get right now, it doesn’t mean the others we listed (the bonus garden cart included) are worthless, and we listed them for a reason – they are great in their own right and can be the right purchase for some gardeners, that’s for sure. However, the WORX Aerocart just offers an unparalleled level of versatility, and that is not something that can be ignored – none of the other products come even close in that aspect. It covers not only what they can do, but even more than that, which really makes it pay off that much more.


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