5 Simple Ways to Warm Your Home with Rugs

Rugs possess an effortless ability to transform a dull living room into an exciting space, lush and wonderfully posh, whether draped over chairs or luxuriously spread on a wooden floor, a rug can define a room, add warmth or hold all the pieces of furniture together. However, deciding on exactly the type of rug to decorate your living space with or how to use the space available to you, especially when working with a confined space, can be a bit tricky.

Snug as Bug in a Rug

Let’s start with the living room; size is an important factor when deciding on a rug for your living room. The perfect rug for your living room defines the space and should be large enough for your front legs of the to rest on it. If your living room is large enough to carry two rugs, don’t be tempted to use same-sized rugs as this can be visually unappealing. On the other hand, if your rug came after the furniture decision has already been made, decide on a rug that quietens the space and ties your existing color scheme together.

Duvet Day?

It is easy to focus all the our energies and creative abilities in bringing together a perfect living room but a rug in the right place and of the right accents can transform a bedroom as much as your living room. Instead of a duvet, next time you want to decorate try a flat-weave rug with a color that contrasts perfectly with your bedding, especially in the summer months. You can fold the rug away when it’s time to climb under the covers.

Bedroom Bliss

Rugs are especially comfortable to walk on straight from bed and they add character to your room. However, like in the living room, care has to be taken in your choice, as you will need to match your bedroom furniture, arrangement, colors and mood.

A bedroom rug covering a considerable length of the space gives the room a traditional look, whilst leaving large areas of bedroom uncovered accentuates the beauty of the room.

Warm up Your Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom can do with some creativity too! Simply swapping your old bath mat for a rug can change its overall appeal and appearance. If you are the type that loves floral patterns, English floral designs can give your bathroom an elegant and stylish feel. White fur bathroom rugs on the other hand can be exquisite, but whilst the feeling of a fuzzy rug under your bare feet is soothing, a fur rug can be require extra care and attention.

Give Your Home Some Vintage Charm

Some vintage rugs, with the different hues, special hand-woven designs and ‘they don’t make them like this anymore’ charm can be hung on the wall in place of art. For this purpose you want a rug with a well-defined border and a design that will tie your room together.

If you are always entertaining, a rug draped on your settee or sofa can save your furniture from signs of overuse, while also giving it a fresh, chic look.

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