Sliding Glass Door Repair: Basic Solutions to Common Problems

Through the years, your sliding glass door will suffer from wear and tear, which will have a negative impact on its functionality. It can be hard to open and close the door, the wheels can be out of adjustment, and the glasses can be broken, among other problems that can confront you.

Fortunately, there are some instances wherein you do not have to pay someone for basic sliding glass door repair. You can handle some of the issues on your own. Follow the steps that we will mention below and such a repair task can be an easy DIY job. Nonetheless, if you are not confident that you can do it, trust the professionals and avoid the problem from being worse.

Repairing Faulty Rollers

This is one of the most common problems in sliding glass door. The rollers or the wheels are the ones responsible for allowing the door to move smoothly when you open or close it. If it is dirty or out of adjustment, you sure have a problem. To fix this issue, these are the things you have to do:

  • Start with the removal of the sliding glass door. This is one thing that you have to do with caution to avoid the glass from shattering. To be sure, do not hesitate to ask for a helping hand. There are different designs available, and hence, the process of removal may also vary.
  • Lay the door on a flat surface. Place something underneath to level the door and to avoid the glass from touching the ground, which will prevent scratches. Unscrew the rollers that you can find on the top and bottom part of the door. Pull the rollers out of the gasket.
  • Inspect the roller to be sure of the problem. Some might experience deformity while others can have hard dirt that prevents it from rolling smoothly.
  • If the roller is not broken, a simple cleaning will do the trick. You can use turpentine and brush to remove the deposits of dirt. You can also soak it in water with dish soap for the dirt to become soft and easy to remove. Wipe it with a clean rag. Install the rollers.
  • In case the roller is already heavily damaged, replace it with a new one.
  • Put the door back in its original position. Again, this is a situation wherein you will benefit from having a helping hand.

Repairing Rollers on Sliding Glass Door

Repairing Bent Track

In some situations, the rollers are working fine, but they won’t slide smoothly because the problem is with the track. If there is a deformity or build-up of dirt, this will prevent the wheels from rolling on the track. Here is how you can solve this problem:

  • Clean the track with the use of a wire brush. See to it that the bristles are hard enough so that it can remove even the toughest dirt or grime deposits. Once you are done cleaning, wipe it off using a rag with turpentine.
  • After cleaning, to restore the smoothness of the track, lubricating is also an essential part of the process.
  • The problem could be worse if there is a misaligned track. In this case, you will need to use a hammer. Knock it with a hammer and wooden block.
  • In worst cases, you have to replace the track. Remove the door first. Ask for help from someone since it is made from a delicate material. Unscrew the track and replace it with a new one. Be sure to take out the proper measurements and secure the tracks properly to prevent other problems.

Repairing Bent Track

Repairing Broken Glass

There are many reasons why you might end up with a broken glass in your sliding door. Someone might have tried to break in or it is probably because of strong winds and typhoon. Regardless of how it happened, here’s how you can repair a broken glass:

  • Luckily, you do not have to remove the entire frame from its position. You have to take out the remaining glass. Remove the trim or what is technically known as the mull. Sliding a knife and hammering a pry bar in the trim is the easiest way to do this. Wear protective glass and goggles to prevent injuries. Also, do this carefully so that you will not damage the mull.
  • Using a tape measure, determine the size of the glass that you will need as a replacement. You need to be accurate in this procedure. Buy a glass with the right size.
  • Apply caulk on the edges of the frame. Position the glass and apply another layer of caulk.
  • Return the trim to its original position.
  • To finish, remove any remaining caulk. Scrape it with the use of a putty knife.

Repairing Broken Glass

In sum, regardless of the sliding glass door repair that you need, chances are, you can accomplish it without professional assistance. Nonetheless, you will need a helping hand to remove the glass door to prevent it from shattering. At the end of the day, the most important thing that you need to do is to have a regular inspection of the door and preventive maintenance to avoid serious problems and costly repairs.

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