How to Start Pressure Washer and Other Useful Tips you Need to Know

A pressure washer will prove to be a great alternative to a garden hose if there is stubborn dirt that you have to remove. You can use it in cleaning cars and driveways, among other applications. If you are new to using a pressure washer, however, you might feel intimidated in using it. If you are unsure on how to proceed, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll share with you how to start a pressure washer. We’ll also tackle some of the tips in making the most out of your pressure washer.

What to Do Prior to Starting the Pressure Washer

Before Starting Pressure Washer

Before you get started with the use of a pressure washer, here is how you need to prepare:

  • Dress for the job. Make sure that you are comfortable to work in your location. Think of what the weather is like and dress in such a way that it will be easy for you to complete the task. Protective footwear and safety goggles will also be necessary.
  • Prepare the area where you will be working. Take out breakable objects or plants that could possibly serve as obstructions.
  • Look for the water supply. Make sure that you have a hose that has the right length from the water supply to the area where you will work.

Steps on How to Start Pressure Washer

Using Pressure Washer

There are two types of pressure washers depending on their source of power – gas and electric pressure washers. Starting the unit will depend on the specific type that you are using.

  • Attach all of the components of the pressure washer, which should include hose, wand, and the source of water.
  • If you are using an electric pressure washer (if not, find the best one here), plug it in a nearby power source. Make sure to keep your hand and the socket dry for safety. If you are using a gas-powered pressure washer, on the other hand, fill the tank with the right amount of gas and oil that it needs. Consult with the manual from the manufacturer to know how much it needs.
  • Turn on the supply of water. It is important that you do this first before turning on the pressure washer, which is one way to prevent damage to the pump. With a gas-powered pressure washer, on the other hand, pulling the starter cord will be necessary to start the unit.
  • Hold the pressure washer properly in such a way that you are sure that it is in a stable position. Adjust the position based on what you need to clean.

Tips in Using a Pressure Washer

Use Detergent

Aside from learning how to start pressure washer, below are some of the useful tips that will make it easy for you to enjoy its optimal functionality:

  • Use the right tip for the nozzle of the pressure washer. They have different colors. Each color will correspond to a specific spray pattern. You have to first identify why you will be using the pressure washer, and after this, you can decide which tip is best for the job.
  • Be careful about the use of detergents or cleaning solutions. Stay away from those that contain toxic or harsh chemicals. Consult with the manual from the manufacturer to know which cleaning solution is the best.
  • Avoid using ladders or working at height when holding a pressure washer. Too much pressure from the machine can make you lose control. Better use one that comes with an extension wand so that you will be able to wash areas that are hard to reach.
  • Do not work in an enclosed area if you are using a gas-powered pressure washer as this can pose a significant safety risk. The combustion engine will produce carbon monoxide, which can be toxic.

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