The Best Garden Hose Reel Reviews in 2020 – Treat Your Hose Well

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If you have a large property with plenty of plants that need taking care of, you know the trouble that watering all of them with a water hose poses. However, the worst part comes at the end, when you have to pick up the full-length of the hose, sometimes more than a hundred feet, and put it back into the garage. It can be a nightmare and take up more time than watering the plants with it – and then you have to do it all over again tomorrow. At that point, you might find you also didn’t store it properly and it’s now tangled, so just taking it out eats up half an hour of your time.

If all of that is true, it might be time for you to get a garden hose reel. It will help you cut down on the time you spend on managing your hose or hoses. Although they aren’t a necessity, they can certainly be incredibly helpful and a lot of people aren’t even considering using them. We are here today to show you how beneficial the best hose reels can be for you.

Why Buying a Garden Hose Reel?

There are many different benefits to a hose reel over just throwing your hose on a barely organized pile, and we will go over a few of them.

The first one is that it will simply save you a lot of time that you usually spend on untangling the hose or on trying to carefully wrap it into a loop that keeps falling apart. You can just sit back and let the hose reel do the job for you, even more so in the case of completely automatic reels.

Garden Hose Reel

Treat your hose well with the best garden hose reel

Then there’s the matter of space – a hose kept in a hose reel will take up far less space than one thrown into a pile and left on the ground or messily hung from a nail on the wall.

Having your hose nicely stored in a reel also helps with the longevity of the hose as fewer tangles and cracks will appear in it due to improper storage. With a hose reel, you can expect your hose to last for longer than it would have otherwise.

There are other benefits to owning a garden hose reel, but if we listed them all we would be here all day. The most important thing is that there are basically no downsides to owning one as it will only improve your day-to-day gardening routine.

However, not all garden hose reels are up to snuff, and you might find yourself in an awkward situation when buying one for yourself as you won’t be able to spot the difference between a good, useful reel and a terrible one. Being well-informed is the first step to fixing that problem and that’s one of the reasons we wrote this article, to inform you. So, we gathered some of the best products on the market at this time, compared them to one another and offered our impressions and opinions on them. We also peppered in some user reviews in there for good measure. With all that info, you won’t go wrong when buying a garden hose reel for yourself. So, let’s see how good the products we picked are.

Meet the Best Garden Hose Reels

Liberty Garden 704 Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel, Holds 125-Feet of 5/8-Inch Hose - Bronze

The Good: It’s a nice-looking and heavy-duty hose reel that mounts on the wall.

The Bad: It isn’t portable and has some issues with its construction.

The Bottom Line: This is a quality product at a decent price. It does come pre-built, though you might have to fix it up a bit before using it.

Suncast Aquawinder 125' Wicker Garden Hose Reel - Lightweight Portable Hands - Free Water Powered Retractable Hose Reel - Java

The Good: Portable, looks nice and has an automatic winding function as well as a hose guide.

The Bad: The automatic winding is slow and the reel only works with light hoses.

The Bottom Line: It’s a decent product with neat functionality, but it only works with some hoses.

Suncast 225 ft. Wicker Style Resin Hose Hideaway with Hose Guide, Java

The Good: It’s a great budget hose reel that takes in a lot of hose.

The Bad: The materials it’s made from are flimsy and the hose guide creates more trouble than it’s worth.

The Bottom Line: While it is a decent product for people on a budget it’s flimsy and some parts of it don’t work properly.

While you can find out a lot from this summary, there is more detailed information below that you should also check out.

All of the Factors Considered

Garden hose reels seem simple on the surface but there is so much more to them than you think. There are plenty of variations on the core design and that might make it difficult to pick the right one for you in the immeasurable sea of different products that are out there. That’s why we decided to help you out with that – here are some of the most important things you should look for in your garden hose reel.

The Materials

As with many other garden tools, the materials it is made of are an important aspect to consider when buying. Getting a tool that will be durable and last for a long time is important to most people. In the case of garden hose reels, one of the most important things to consider is how corrosion resistant the materials are, as they will often be exposed to water as a matter of course. It’s also important that the different moving parts of it won’t come loose, bend, or break off during use. You should look at how solid the construction of the reel is before buying it – try it out if possible as well.


This refers to the maximum length of hose the reel can hold. Usually, it will be paired with the thickness of the hose, as smaller lengths of thicker hose will take up more space.

Picking a hose reel that exactly fits your hose is not the right way to do it, though. The hose will expand or contract often due to changing temperatures and it needs some extra space to “breathe” so to speak. To that end, you should pick a hose reel that can hold a hose that’s 25 to 50 feet longer than the one you have.

In essence, having a hose reel that is bigger is almost never a downside, unless you lack storage space. So, consider all of this and pick according to that.


There are a few different types of hose reels when it comes to portability. First off, there are those that aren’t portable at all and are mounted on walls or similar spaces, and their main benefit is the fact that they take up less space. Then there are the ‘box’ types which can be moved but must be moved by carrying and usually take up the most space. There are also types that have wheels so you can constantly move them around as you go across the yard, but they are often unstable and might tip over, requiring you to constantly fiddle with them.

Best Garden Hose Reel

Remember the hose will expand or contract due to changing temperatures

It all depends on how large your yard is and what you use your hose for, in essence. If you have a huge yard you might opt for a hose reel with wheels, but if your yard is relatively small, a wall-mounted reel might work best.

Reeling Method

There are few different methods that garden hose reels use when it comes to pulling the hose back onto the spool.

Manual ones are the most common, having a crank on the side which you turn to pull the hose back up. This is the slowest method, but one that allows you the most control in storing the hose and avoiding tangles and cracks.

There are also those that use an automatic or semi-automatic system to wind the hose back up. They utilize various power sources – some use batteries, others are constantly pulling the hose back into them using a spring or a similar mechanism while there are also those that use water pressure. Automatic hose reels save you more time but they can have a lot of trouble with longer hoses and might cause cracks in the hose accidentally if you leave them completely to their own devices.

In essence, you should pick what you consider to be the most useful and safe method.

Additional Functions

Hose reels seem like simple tools, but they can offer a host of additional features that might be useful.

For example, some have an additional shelf or storage space in them that you can use for your hose accessories, allowing easy access to different nozzles, for example. There are also reels that use a hose guide to ensure that the hose is wound evenly onto the spool. And so on, you get the point.

Multiple other additional features can be found on different reels, and you should try and pick one with features that seem like they will be useful to you.

Now that we have informed you about the most important aspects when it comes to hose reels, here’s how our handpicked products ranked in those aspects.

In-depth Reviews of Best Garden Hose Reels

Liberty Garden Products 704

This is a nice wall-mounted hose reel that looks wonderful and fits in with almost anything while also being heavy duty and durable. It’s rust resistant too, so no need to worry about that and it’s easy to install and use. However, it does have some design flaws, leading to leaks and loose screws.
The Materials95
Reeling Method95
Additional Functions90
What We Like
Doesn’t require assembly and easy to install
Has a handy additional shelf
What We Don't Like
Not portable
Can leak at times
The screws sometimes come loose

Key Features

Durable Construction

This reel is made from cast aluminum that is resistant to rust and features aluminum and brass plumbing fixtures that have a durable coat finish. It is a rather sturdy hose reel overall and can take plenty of punishment. Though it is a bit shoddily put together, you should tighten it before use.

Large Capacity

This reel can take in around 125 feet of 5/8-inch hose. Due to being an open reel, though, it can actually hold more than indicated, if you tighten it up a bit to make sure it doesn’t fall off the wall.

Wall-mounted & Manual Hose Reel

This is a wall-mounted reel, meaning that it’s not portable, but it is far more stable than portable reels and can hold a lot of hose, more than is indicated. It’s also hand operated, allowing for more control, even though winding the hose takes more time.

Neat Shelf for Extra Parts

As far as additional features go, this reel has only one. The shelf on it, good for storing additional add-ons for the hose, is a decently useful feature, though nothing exceptional.

Customer Reviews

I bought two of these so far and recently decided to get a third one. The first one is a couple of years old but it doesn’t show. It’s heavy duty and makes it easy to roll the hose up. It’s incredibly functional even though it’s not that pretty, perfect for any garden. It’s far easier to use than ‘box’ hose reels are. It’s made of aluminum so it’s not going to rust and none of them have. It’s quite strong and can hold a lot of weight. Highly recommended for anyone.
This hose reel is incredibly good; it’s heavy duty and looks amazing on the patio. I had some worries about attaching a huge chunk of metal to the house, that it would look bad, but it actually looks fine. It’s nicely constructed and the shelf on its top is a great addition as you can put additional nozzle there for easy access. It’s much better than having the hose just sit in a big pile, gathering dust and housing bugs. It was so great that we got another one for the other side of the house.
So far I’m more than pleased with this hose reel as it is far easier to roll up the extremely long hose than it was with the previous reel I had. That one wasn’t attached to anything. Even my kids can use this reel to unwind the hose and easily reel it back in when everything is done. I give it a full five stars.

Who Should Buy this Product

This is great product for people with smaller to medium-sized yards that want a reel which will be functional but also look good on their porch. It’s a heavy-duty product that will handle a decent amount of hose and that is durable, for the most part. It also comes at a decent cost and with a nice additional storage shelf on it.

What to Watch Out For

It’s a wall-mounted hose reel, so it’s obviously not portable at all, even though it still works fine. There are also some issues with its construction, as the screws can loosen at times during use, and others parts of it can also come loose leading to leaks and the handle falling off at inopportune times. It is fixable, but it can be an annoyance.

The Conclusion

Overall, it’s a good-looking and durable heavy duty hose reel that almost anybody can afford. It works well and it looks nice on the patio. However, it is not that well constructed, so you should check how it’s all connected, even though it comes pre-built. Other than that, it’s a decent hose reel.

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Suncast RSW125D

This is a nice box hose reel that is decently portable and has an automatic winding function that works on water pressure. It even has a hose guide, making sure that there are no twists in it. Still, it only works well with lighter hoses and the automatic winding is rather slow.
The Materials80
Reeling Method90
Additional Functions90
What We Like
Hose guide that automatically makes sure the hose stays even
Automatic winding
Easy to unroll the hose
What We Don't Like
Only works with light and slim hoses
The automatic winding is a bit slow
The plastic connector isn’t well-made

Key Features

Sturdy Construction

This hose reel is made from durable resin that holds up well and is mostly resistant to water damage. However, it’s not as durable as metal would be and you shouldn’t put too much pressure on it.

Decent Capacity

The capacity of this hose reel seems decent; it can hold around 125 feet of 5/8-inch hose. However, this is deceptive as it is a boxed model, meaning that it can actually hold less. The fact that it doesn’t work with thicker hoses is also a minus in this regard.

Automatic & Water-powered Hose Reel

It features an automatic winding feature that uses water pressure for power. However, that makes the winding process rather slow, and as mentioned, it doesn’t even work with thicker hoses.

Portable Boxed Model

This is a boxed model meaning that you can carry it with you out in the field, but you have to carry it by hand as it has no wheels or anything similar.

Hose Guide Winds the Hose Evenly

The hose guide makes sure that the automatic winding goes without a hitch and the hose stays straight during the entire thing. Still, it won’t do that for thicker hoses at all.

Customer Reviews

As I’m writing this I’m ordering another one of these. It’s a real relief that I no longer have to wind the entire length of a heavy hose by hand. This tool is just amazing and it helps me immensely. It’s attractive, convenient, effective and incredibly reliable. It is more than worth the cost.
I like that this hose reel offers the best of both worlds since it keeps the hose neatly packed and clean while also reeling it in for you! We have more than four acres of land and we use this reel all the time. The only problem we had with it was that the hose needs to be lined up straight in front of it in order to work without assistance. We had to sit there and make sure it doesn’t mess up the hose while reeling it in – so far that hasn’t happened and it’s nice that we don’t have to do it all by hand.
I haven’t been using this for a long time but I had two of these before and I loved them. I do think the connector should be metal instead of plastic but that’s a minor thing. I love winding up my hose with water pressure instead of having to lean over and do it myself. I also have an incredibly lightweight hose so it works well with it. I like it a lot and would recommend it.

Who Should Buy this Product

This product is ideal for people who don’t want or can’t put any effort into winding the hose manually and want a fully automatic process. It even has a hose guide, ensuring that you won’t have to watch over the process. It can also hold a decent amount of hose, is rather portable and comes at a decent price.

What to Watch Out For

The automatic winding is nice, yes, but it is also incredibly slow due to the fact that it uses water pressure for the process. It is faster to use a manual hose reel and wind it by hand than to wait for this to finish. It also only works with lighter hoses and anything more heavy-duty is out of the question, limiting its usefulness.

The Conclusion

On the surface, this seems like a great hose reel due to the fact that it is completely automatic and well-constructed. However, the automatic winding feature is slow and this reel only works with lighter hoses which greatly limits it. It’s still a good product, but if you have a thicker hose you should look elsewhere for a fitting reel.

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Suncast CPLPTW175

This is a decent product, especially for the price, a great budget option. It looks nice, it can hold plenty of hose and it is easy to assemble and use while being relatively portable. The problem is that it’s rather flimsy and some parts of it don’t work properly.
The Materials75
Reeling Method95
Additional Functions70
What We Like
Easy to assemble
Can hold a lot of hose
What We Don't Like
The hose guide doesn’t work properly
The handle constantly falls off
Rather flimsy construction

Key Features

Flimsy Materials

It claims it is constructed from durable resin and the box sure is, but other parts aren’t. There are problems with the reel squeaking and the handle falling off all the time, due to shoddy materials.

Huge Capacity

It can hold up to 175 feet of a standard 5/8-inch hose, or so it claims. In actuality, it can hold a bit less, due to being a boxed model, but it is still an impressive amount.

Manual & Boxed Hose Reel

This is a manual hose reel that’s held in a box. It doesn’t have wheels but it can be carried around if needed and you have to wind the hose by hand. It all works decently well.

Hose Guide Causes More Problems

The hose guide doesn’t work well, though, and it constantly moves back and forth. You end up having to take care of both guide and the hose while winding, creating more work instead of helping you.

Customer Reviews

The sheer durability, as well as the crisp look of this, is what I love the most. It looks great on my front porch while the hose is off of it during the winter. It was a bit difficult to get it going at first but it was also during the colder months. After leaving the hose in the sun for a bit and the rolling up it worked fine. I also own a larger hose reel in my backyard, from the same manufacturer, and it’s served me well for years.
It looks fabulous and holds the hose, just what I wanted. It was a bit confusing to put together at first but after a while, it clicked for me. The handle works amazingly and winding up the hose requires almost no effort at all from me. I would gladly recommend it to anybody.
This is a more than decent hose reel. It’s somewhat light and lacks a foot bad to hold it while winding the hose up. It includes two metal spikes that you stick in the ground to hold the reel in place. There’s also a nice hose guide so there’s no need to use your hand to guide it. It also looks nice – well, as nice as a hose reel can, after all. Overall, it’s a quality product and I like it quite a bit.

Who Should Buy this Product

This is a great product for people on a budget because it doesn’t cost a lot and it will work great with almost any hose and it can hold in plenty of hose as well. It looks nice, doesn’t seem like a cheap product so you won’t have to be embarrassed about it and it works decently.

What to Watch Out For

The main problem comes from the cheapness of the materials used in its construction. Because of that, it is rather shoddy and some parts of it don’t function well – for example, the handle falls off too often. There’s also the issue of the hose guide which actually creates more work for you instead of making the winding process easier.

The Conclusion

For the price, this is a decent product that does what is advertised and has great capacity, better than some more expensive products. However, that cheapness can bring you issues, since the materials it is made from are flimsy and some parts don’t function. It can still do good work for you, but not for long.

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The Best Garden Hose Reel – Liberty Garden Products 704

Picking just one garden hose reel as the best is an unrealistic proposition. Different people don’t value different things equally and something that one might consider to be a top-of-the-line product, someone else might completely disregard as trash. It’s all a matter of opinion in the end.

However, it’s far easier for us to offer our opinion on the best garden hose reel when it comes to the three products we presented here. Out of them, we honestly think that the best one is Liberty Garden Products 704, by far. It just offers the best experience out of all the products, without any major flaws. Yes, it does have some downsides but most are easily fixable. It only won’t work for you if you need a portable hose reel, but otherwise, it is clearly the best.

The Conclusion

So, that’s the hose reel we picked as the best one, in our opinion. However, you are not obliged to share that opinion and you should simply use all the info we presented here to pick the hose reel you believe is the best. It might be one of the products in this article, as they are all still fine reels, or it might be something completely different, it’s entirely up to you. We just hope we were able to be of some assistance to you. If this article helped you in any way, please share it around so others can find it as well. Thank you for reading and have a good day!

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