Table Saw Projects for Beginners

Do you wanna procure items for your home without burning a hole in your pocket? Well then, these table saw projects for beginners can solve all your household needs. Learning woodwork is not too difficult. If you learn the principles of it, everything will just fall into place.

With a table saw, these are DIY woodwork projects you can easy craft. You’ll be astonished how splendid your imagination can be!

Table Saw

Easily Craft DIY Woodwork Projects with a Table Saw

Bird Feeder

The bird feeder is a typical woodworking project. Nevertheless, you can customize it to the design that you want as bird feeders come in many shapes, sizes, and styles.

You can create a wood hinged on the roof of the bird feeder, the lid which can be flipped open for easy filling. Optional, you may also build a perch on each side that is spacious enough to accommodate most songbirds. Meanwhile, the Plexiglas on the side lets you see how much bird seeds are left.

It is virtually easy and fun project to work with. The bird feeder is a straightforward project to build, one that will bring years of enjoyment.


You can build a small but steady bookcase for your books and other items as well. All you need are nice pieces of plywood. Just make sure the edges are clean and trimmed for a smooth finish.

You can customize it to the design that you want, whether it may be under-window bookcase, a corner, or corridor bookcase. The design lies upon your endless imagination.

Succulent and Cactus Planters

Make a variety of shapes and designs with these succulent and cactus planters. You can build different geometric shapes, whatever you fancy. You can just smooth them and apply a varnish.

Whether it be large or small, the choice lies on you as well as on the variant of succulent and cactus you like to put in it. All you need is the moss, soil, as well as the succulent or cactus. Just put them together and you are good to go.

Wooden Chopping Board

Slice, chop and dice with this wooden chopping board. You can use any wood to make this. There is no wastage as you may even use leftovers and scraps of wood.

Like a puzzle, you can glue the pieces of wood together and snap, you have a chopping board. Just sand them for a smooth finish. For the final touch, apply the mineral oil, as well as beeswax and oil blend for water-resistance protection and for a smooth finish.

Wood Beer Caddy

Making a beer caddy is a fun, easy to-do project you can do in your home. This beer caddy can easily draw attention when you have BBQ parties with your friends or when hang out with them in your man cave.

Using your handy table saw, just cut the wood into your desired shapes, assemble and then glue them together. Subsequently, hammer the nails on it.

You are almost done with your beer caddy! Lastly, apply the stain of your choice and finish it off with polyurethane or another clear coat/sealer. Optional, you can apply a chalkboard paint on the side and a bottle opener.

Wooden Candle Holder

This is a relatively simple and easy project to do. Rustic, you can bring the nature into your home with these adorable but functional adornments.

You can cut a large branch of tree as a whole piece and drill holes atop, where you can put a collection or a variety of candles of your choice.  As of with the limb, you may also cut it into individual pieces, drill on them, and then strategically place them in various corners of your home.

Finally, after you did all of the holes and covered it with a coat of polyurethane, that’s it! Ta-da, you have your very own DIY candle holders, pretty simple and cheap!

Magnetic Bangle Bracelet

Magnetic Bangle Bracelet is a pretty simple process which can be done in a couple of hours. The process starts by gluing up some contrasting wood and ripping 2” pieces on the table saw. Then, you shall cut a groove on one piece and a tongue on the mating piece.

Thereafter, drill a quarter inch hole with a forstner bit on each end a then glue in a rare earth magnet. Using the spray adhesive, attach the printed template on the wood. Lastly, cut out the bracelets on the bandsaw and do some final shaping with the disc and spindle sanders.

Wood Wine Gift Box

Cut pieces of wood fitted for a treasure box-like figure and cut the strips of wood. Glue and nail the larger pieces of wood together, and then apply the strips of wood outside of it serving as the accent. And whoa, you have your own custom made wine gift box.

The wood wine gift box is just another easy and fun project you can play with. Create this little wine gift box, just spacious enough to hold your or your friend’s favorite wine or champagne. Take this to your pal’s next wedding, birthday party, anniversary or retirement function and sure enough, you can expect an invitation to every future happening.

Woodworking Basics

Final Words

It is expensive when have to buy things at the mall. It is also costly if you have to pay others to create items for you! Being frugal, these table saw projects for beginners will definitely save you a lot. Needless to say, it would unleash the hidden creativity in you! If you do not yet have a table saw, I suggest that you check out the review of the best tables saws here.

  • Never be afraid to make mistakes. Everything can be a trial and error. But sure enough, you can perfect everything.
  • There are no erroneous designs. Let your creativity out!
  • Be resourceful, you don’t have to buy everything from the hardware or the store. Go to your backyard and you’ll probably find something you can utilize.

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