The Differences Between Corporate Housing & Hotels

Corporate housing and hotels may share similarities like furnished rooms, amenities, swimming pools, cable-tv and gymnasiums but the differences are far more. Many people prefer staying in corporate accommodation as it is homelier than a hotel, especially with longer stays.

Hotel Rooms vs Corporate Apartments

Here is a look at a few differences between the two:


Many people prefer corporate housing because of the space available to them. They have the space of a regular home and have all the equipment that your home would have. They have bedrooms, a fully functional kitchen, washer, dryer and sometimes even a patio or balcony.


Corporate housing is much like staying at home with the usual benefits that you would get from a hotel. You feel just as safe and secure as you would in your own home and your guests can come directly to you instead of checking in at the admin desk.


Hotels can be quite pricey especially if you are staying for a longer period of time, however corporate accommodation is available at a cheaper rate without compromising the amenities and facilities that you need.

Hotel Rooms vs Corporate Apartments

Hotel Rooms vs Corporate Apartments


Hotels usually come standard with a kitchenette and missing kitchen appliances which make it difficult if you plan on cooking whilst you’re there. Corporate housing has full size kitchens which are fully stocked. You can easily save money on longer stays by cooking your own meals.


Hotels do not entertain pets in your room, however some corporate housing may allow you to keep your pets with you. This is great especially if you plan on staying longer.

Separate Bed & Bathrooms

Hotels usually have one big area which is separated into various amenities. Corporate housing has separate rooms, much like your home does.


Hotels are usually situated in the busy, high traffic areas whilst corporate housing is located in communities where it is homelier and relaxed.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Many hotels offer Wi-Fi at an additional cost which may get expensive if you need to use it daily. Corporate housing usually includes Wi-fi within the rate that you are paying. There are no hidden costs.


This is a big factor in your stay as it could save you so much money. A regular two week stay at a hotel is equivalent to a month long stay at a corporate housing apartment.

Customer Service

Hotels employ staff to attend to the queries of their clients, while corporate accommodation owners tend to live on the property or in the same community, so the guests can speak directly to them, if they need to.

The Choice is Yours

Staying in corporate housing offers people the same benefits as a hotel, with the same luxuries, at a much better rate. In fact, the former has more benefits than the latter, while still charging you less. This way, you can enjoy the amenities that are available to you, yet still feel as though you are at home.

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