The Best Grow Tent Reviews in 2019 – Protect Your Plants Properly

We all put our best effort to nurture our precious plants and grow them strong and beautiful. Because things don’t always go like planned, many factors can jeopardize a weak and fragile plant which we care for, possibly ruining the efforts. That’s why we invented grow tents, to protect our plants from harsh weather, insects, and all the outer factors while providing the perfect conditions for growth. Getting the best grow tent for your particular plant and requirements might be a hassle though, due to the saturated market and aggressive marketing. That’s why we’ve decided to help you find it and make it special.

Why Buying a Grow Tent?

The environment where plants grow makes more than 40% of the successful growth and development process. As an experienced and skilled gardener, you know that a tropical plant won’t develop and grow in colder climate and conditions, including soil, light, moisture, and protection from insects.

To get the highest yields and blossoming from your plants you have to adhere to and control all of these factors. The grow tent will provide you with the enclosure and perfect protection, alongside the possibility to nurture your plant way better. You’ll shut off the external factors that can ruin your efforts and provide the perfect conditions for your plant to flourish.

Besides protection, the control over the environment where your plant is growing is the biggest reason you should have a grow tent. If you want to nurture some exotic plants, but you live in a mild or harsh climate, you can’t even start without a grow tent.

Hydroponic Grow Tent

Baby Tropical Green Leafy Herbs Growing under a Tent

They are easy to assemble and set up, and provide a spacious (depending on the model and size) area for additional equipment that will ensure your plant’s flourishing. They can be customizable, and allow (are equipped for) superb ventilation, lighting, and moisture control. If you want to control your plant’s growth and development to the fullest, a grow tent is a necessary equipment.

We’ve done some research and selected three very popular grow tents to compare them and see how they stand on our tests. Check them out:

Meet the Best Grow Tents

Apollo Horticulture 48”x48”x80” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing

The Good: The tent is tough, stable, and built to last. Materials are durable.

The Bad: Zippers aren’t of high quality – they are tough to move through the line and leak light. Light leaks are possible elsewhere.

The Bottom Line: The Apollo Horticulture’s Mylar hydroponic grow tent is a great product overall that is more than capable to house and protect your plans. It’s not perfect, but for the price you pay, it’s pretty close.

VIVOSUN 48"x48"x80" Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing 4' x4'

The Good: The frame is very easy to assemble and requires no tools. The tent is durable, spacious, and has decent ventilation.

The Bad: Side nylon windows are blurry, and light leaks are notable more than on other models.

The Bottom Line: VIVOSUN’s Mylar hydroponic grow tent is a decent, spacious and durable product, adequate for people who wants more ventilation and easy assembly.

iPower 96"x48"x78" Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow Tent with Removable Floor Tray for Indoor Seedling Plant Growing 4'x8'

The Good: Flexible, lightweight and portable. The hose features a very neat built-in shut-off valve.

The Bad: It’s very heavy, meaning you won’t be able to move it around easily. Zippers are tough to move through the line. A standard amount of light leaks.

The Bottom Line: The iPower Mylar hydroponic grow tent is a big grow tent that will house many of your plants and equipment without hustle.

These are the short summaries. Check the sections below for detailed reviews.

All of the Factors Considered

To choose the best grow tent, we looked into all the characteristic features that the proper grow tent must possess. Next, we valued them by the value and functionality and finally placed on the list by importance.

  • Dimensions: Usually measured in feet, they show how big the tent is. The size chart starts from 2×2 and goes beyond to custom measures that you may order. All comes down to your needs and requirements, but on the average, size must be suitable. We’ll grade this feature by the number of sizes available.
  • Weight: Grow tents should be easy to handle, and light for transportation or moving around the indoor areas. Depending on the size, the weight can be from 20 pounds and goes beyond. The materials used play a significant role in this feature, and we grade this one by the ease of maneuver and overall weight.
  • Number of Ventilation, Exhaust, and Cord Ports: Grow tents are primary intended to provide a controlled environment for the plants. The means for providing these features to plans are ventilation pipes and exhausts, and ports. Depending on the plants you’re cultivating and the conditions you must create, these accessories can be crucial.
  • Heavy-Duty Zippers: The grow tents usually come with zippers for easy closing and opening. They are there to protect the plants inside, and yet be comfortable and easy to use. Therefore, it’s important that zippers are of high quality and durability to stand the test of time and the outdoor environment without issues. They have to be easy to use as well.
  • Tear-Proof Materials: The quality of materials is very important since the outdoor factors that can compromise the interior ecosystem you’ve built for your plants can pinch and tear through them. The industry standard is Mylar, classified by several categories for tear-proofing. We grade this feature depending on the durability and resistance to tears.
  • Light-Proof: Your plants require light, but also need protection from outside environment. The light-proof feature of a grow tent demonstrates its ability to withheld any leaks of light in or out of the interior. It’s usually based on fine enclosure and interior materials that reflect light.
  • Metal Frame: The basic frame of the good grow tent should be from high-quality materials. We’re talking fundamentals here – without a strong (yet lightweight) frame; your tent won’t be able to protect your plants from the basic outside factors such as rain and wind. Besides durability, it should be light as possible.

In-depth Reviews of 3 Grow Tents

Apollo Horticulture Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent
Coming from a reputable brand, this Mylar hydroponic grow tent is big, robust, durable, stable, and built from quality materials. Its structure allows superb protection and reliability, and the capacity is enough for several different places.
Number of Ventilation; Exhaust; and Cord Ports90
Heavy-Duty Zippers80
Tear Proof95
Metal Frame90
What We Like
Frame is tough; structure is very stable
Easy setup
Price/value is great
What We Don't Like
Some light leaks are possible
Zippers could be better

Key Features


The tent is built from strong, durable metal bars, which wouldn’t crack or bend. When assembled, it stands firmly and securely, and the base feels durable enough to withstand harsh environment or occasional external impact or problem.

Thick Fabric

Build materials used to cover this tent consist of double-stitched fabric on the outside, painted in black with purple details on stitches, ports, filler straps and zipper lines. The inner Mylar reflective lining is strong and tear-proof, and the floor tray is removable. The fabrics are thick and strong, and keep the pests and lights away while keeping the odors and heat in.

Easy Assembly

The tent is made well, and it’s quite easy to set it up from the beginning. You get a simple yet effective pamphlet to follow while assembling and you finish it in no time.

Heavy-Duty Zipper

Strong and heavy zipper controls your growing space. With one pull, you access the doorway and can check out your plants. It keeps the odors in and pests out.


The interior fabrics are made of Mylar and are advertised as 100% light-proof. High reflection interior surfaces ensure that no light goes out.

Customer Reviews

As many users before me have stated, this grow tent is very easy to assemble. I am a recent buyer, so I can’t provide you with a long-term review, but from the current experience, this tent has a very durable frame, which stands solid. I’m really pleasantly surprised by the number of openings on this tent; there are several 6-inch and 2-inch portals, alongside the three square ones. That’s so versatile! When I remember I wanted to buy a wooden box at the first place…

Good thing my friend recommended this one to me! My plants grow so nicely in there.

I’m so amazed by this tent. It’s strong, versatile, and so functional with his several ventilation holes around the top and bottom. I love the pull cords for secure closure. The inner side is highly reflective, getting that light where it should be, on my plants, not outside. When I zip it up, it’s virtually light-proof. If you remove the Velcro on the lower section walls, you can have a screened openings for additional ventilation. Amazing.

It has one full-sized door on the front and two windows on the sides. I’d love to see full-sized openings on the sides as well, and the incorporated screen on the door flap. That would make it perfect. Currently, I’m using a 4x4 plywood and some heavy casters to attain the maneuverability since I tend to move it occasionally. Great tent overall.

I’ve got this one quickly, and it arrived as described. I’m so pleased with this tent! It was so easy to assemble it using the provided instruction. Believe me, I am not a skilled assembler, and I usually struggle to put things together. So when I say it’s easy to assemble, then it definitely is. I even got inside the tent after my 20-minute assembly (could have gone 10 minutes faster though, I was unable to figure out how to get the main tarp over the top for minutes), and haven’t noticed any light leaks. Couldn’t recommend this one more!

Who Should Buy this Product

This tent is definitely affordable and very useful, versatile, and of excellent quality. The features it provides bring it to the position of our “Best-Buy” category. Any gardener or homeowner would find a good use for this tent, and its minor drawbacks can’t even be considered compared with the qualities it brings to the table. It’s suitable for many types of plants and even fruits, and it can be placed almost anywhere.

What to Watch Out for

The first thing to mention in this section (and probably the biggest one) is the zipper quality. The zipper is heavy, strong, and robust. So robust, that it gets stuck and moves so heavily when used. If you have weaker hands, it will be difficult to move it all around.

Next, being so robust and not of the highest quality, it happens that light leaks out through zipper lines. This is a minor thing if you ask us, but some might consider this a major flaw of the product. After our research and comparison, we learned that there’s no 100% light-proof tent.

There are some reports of customers being unhappy with the faulty product delivered to them, which can’t be really considered as a flaw since these mishaps happen.

The Conclusion

As a reputable and reliable brand in the market, Apollo Horticulture makes good products that last long and perform well. Their Mylar hydroponic grow tent is keeping their traditional quality levels and performs as advertised. It’s well-built and earns high grades on our testing. You won’t go wrong with this one.

VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent
vosun is a big, reputable, and popular brand in hydroponic equipment and services. From their hydroponic grow tent line comes the medium-sized tent with quality features and characteristics. It’s big, looks sturdy, and performs great.
Number of Ventilation; Exhaust; and Cord Ports90
Heavy-Duty Zippers75
Tear Proof90
Metal Frame85
What We Like
Thick cover materials
high-quality stitching
Zippers are very good
Solid frame
easy no-tool assembly
What We Don't Like
Viewing windows at the sides are blurry
Light leaks happen

Key Features


The metal frame used for this tent is strong, and requires no tools to get assembled. It stands solid, and it’s very maneuverable while it brings safety to your plants. In the standard package, you get carbon filter belts to ensure the easy and safe installation of humidifiers, lights, and more (up to 110 pounds) without the fear that the tent will lose its integrity.

Very thick canvas

The material used in covering this VIVOSUN tent fulfills the 600D standard for tear-proof features. On top of that, the fabric is double stitched to enhance its sturdiness and prevent light leaks as much as possible.


The VIVOSUN’s advertised fabrics and interior 95%-reflective Mylar lining keep the light focused on your plants. Combined with strong and durable canvas on top of it, it performs very well.

Heavy-duty zipper

Big, very robust zipper is there to ensure the high-quality closing. VIVOSUN advertises it as a top-line zipper, going great lengths to ensure the best feature to the customers.

A lot of ventilation

Several ventilation options available for the user; double cinch cuffs, Velcro windows, different sized and shaped holes will ensure the proper air flow.

Easy to access

The heavy zipper opens the front doorway quickly, and the side openings are there to help you inspect your plants without opening.

Quick assembly

Because of the pre-made connecting mechanisms, this grow tent doesn’t require tools for setting up. This feature enables you to put your tent up without problems, and in no time.

Customer Reviews

This tent is exact as advertised; it’s so easy to assemble, just put everything together without any tools. It’s versatile, easy to maneuver and clean, not heavy to move around and it’s quite comfortable for flower maintenance. Instructions come in the package, but I haven’t used them at all.

There are some light leaks, but those are really minor. I glued those to make it completely light-proof. Overall, highly recommended!

Thick, high-quality tent, all the way. The manufacturer really put some good effort creating this product. High-reflection layer inside, tough and thick fabric on the outside, heavy zippers that slide nicely and plenty of ventilation holes with double cinch cuffs. Simply said, manufactured to last and impress. The no-tool assembly was super easy, and the assembled frame is very tough and durable. I highly recommend this product.

Who Should Buy this Product

Gardeners and homeowners who are on the look for a versatile, high-quality tent that has many ports for ventilation, has enough room to house a dozen of smaller plants, and is very easy to assemble. The more than affordable price (considering the market’s average) makes this one a no-brainer.

What to Watch Out for

The notorious light leaks are everywhere! The group of unsatisfied customers slams this product for light leakages on the most unexpected places, even the center of the walls and corners, besides the zipper lines. If you need a perfect light seal, you need to look further.

The Conclusion

The VIVOSUN’s hydroponic grow tent is a product worthy of many garden setups. Its durability (both in frame and cover materials) will reward your gardening efforts with perfect conditions for your plants to flourish. The price-to-value is good, and if you disregard the small light leaks here and there, you may have a great gardening product here.

iPower Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent
iPower Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent comes from the reputable brand in home improvement industry. Their hydroponic grow tent line features multiple products, sized to fit every gardener needs and requirements. This is the largest model from the series, and it provides some quality features – very high tear-proof resistance and light reflection, water resistance, and removable Mylar floor tray.
Number of Ventilation; Exhaust; and Cord Ports90
Heavy-Duty Zippers80
Tear Proof90
Metal Frame85
What We Like
Easy to assemble
Solid metal frame
able to house all your equipment and more
What We Don't Like
Zippers are massive
which makes them finicky
Not easy to maneuver and move it from place to place

Key Features


The frame is strong and durable, and it stays very firmly and robust. The stainless steel bars on the top are advertised to handle up to 90lbs of weight, which is more than enough for your ventilation, lighting, humidifiers, and more. The corners of the frame feature the push-lock mechanism to secure the bars tightly.


Highly tear-resistant materials (5mm thick, 3-ply vinyl, 95% light reflection Mylar interior) are double stitched and protected from water, light leaks, and any other outside influences.


The materials used and big, robust zippers protect against light leaks. The ports are double protected with duct port enclosures.

A lot of ventilation

Several ports for ventilation are placed all over the tent, and each has both inner and outer covers for light, air, and odor control.

Quick assembly

The frame comes ready to be assembled, and requires no tools whatsoever.

Customer Reviews

I received this tent a few days ago. It’s enormous and robust, very well-made. I frankly expected that it will be of lower quality for this price. I like the zippers and the fabric; they are really tough. I expected a lot of openings, and that’s what I got from this one. The light sealing on those is excellent because of double sleeves (one on each side). When it comes to big tents, iPower really does the job for me. Highly recommended!
Very long, and very robust tent – I’m so impressed! I hanged my T5 lights on top, and the bars handled them easily. The ropes are quite easy to adjust, and the clips feel very tough. I’m surprised that the product is so well-made considering its price. The assembly is easy, even though I didn’t receive an instruction pamphlet or something.

I love my iPower tent; it’s so big and spacious, my plants are perfectly comfy in there! If you need a tent which has great hanging clips, this is the one. I see everyone complaining about light leaks, but guys, every tent has light leaks. Just deal with that and move on.

For the last few years, I always used chains to hang my lights. With this tent, I can finally ditch them! My life is so much easier now – the bars hold a 400W HPS light with the ballast inside without problems. This is absolutely an amazing tent.

Who Should Buy This Product

The iPower Hydroponic grow tent is ideal for people who are serious about their indoor gardening, and individuals who want to grow exotic plants that require specific conditions and bigger space to flourish. Its strong frame will ensure that the optimal equipment is set in position and ready to provide the perfect conditions. Same goes with air ventilation ports – the abundance of ventilation will ensure your plant’s growth.

What to Watch Out For

The size can be an advantage or disadvantage for some since this tent is massive and heavy. The frame is heavy, the materials are thick and durable, but you won’t move the tent easily. Furthermore, the zippers are heavy duty, which means you’ll have to put some serious effort to move them or ease the movement. The notorious light leaks are the next thing to consider, since you may experience them using this tent, but it’s up to you to see how big of a deal it is for you.

The Conclusion

The biggest iPower Hydroponic grow tent from the manufacturer’s product line delivers the impressive durability, robust and thick materials, and spacious area for plant development. Its price to value ratio brings it to the top of the current hydroponic offer on the market, and it can be your best friend on the way to luscious indoor garden.

The Best Pick – Apollo Horticulture Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

The hydroponic grow tent market is on the rise right now, and gardeners have a plethora of models and manufacturers to choose from. The three tents we reviewed today deliver similar performance without a doubt, but there are some slight differences that distinct them. Depending on your preferences and plants you want to grow, different products might help you. On the other hand, the best overall tent you can purchase right now is Apollo Horticulture Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent.

The overall performance and the least amount of light leaks that this tent supplies will definitely suit the most gardeners out there. It’s very easy to assemble and place around your house or garage, provides superb protection, ventilation, and light retention.

Video Review

The Conclusion

With our small roundup concluded, we must say that in general, grow tents provide fantastic conditions for plant development and can bring your gardening game to a higher level. The versatility and functionality they bring surely pays off. With the current prices and variables available, the Apollo Horticulture Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent is the definite winner and our final recommendation.


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