What Is The Best Pool Filter? Top 5 Best Swimming Pool Filters

Behind every spick-and-span swimming pool, there is an impeccable filter hard at work. A clean swimming pool is a mandatory requirement for a hygienic splash. You won’t want your kids to spend their leisure hours in a filthy environment. While dumping out and refilling is an excellent option for kid’s swimming pool, it isn’t a viable option if you are working with a larger size.

Customization is a crucial factor that can come in handy if you are heading out to buy a filter for your swimming pool. Different needs call for different designs. Choosing a swimming pool filter is a crucial decision. You should analyze the critical factors before investing. So, to keep your pool spotless, let us take a look at the 5 Best Swimming Pool Filters out there along with their
main features, pros, and cons.

Best Swimming Pool Filters

What is the best pool filter?

Hayward Sand Filter- The S270T Pro Range (27 Inches)

If you are the lookout for an elite in-ground pool filter system, the Hayward Sand Filter- The S270T Pro Range (27 Inches) can turn out to be your one-stop destination. Featuring a multi-port six-piston valve in combination with weather-proof and corrosion-resistance properties, the tank uses a sturdy polymeric material for its construction. The valve operation and lever action are convenient for the users and perfect for non-professionals.


  • Weather-resistant material can withstand climatic changes
  • Quick servicing due to the enormous pressure drain
  • Easy back-washing and crystal clear water
  • Energy-efficient filtration system
  • Full-flow technology secure on your electricity bill
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Great value for money


  • Mediocre packaging
  • Bulky build that is difficult to carry around

Hayward S180T Sand Filter (16 Inches Pro Range)

Just like the other swimming pool filters of the same series, the Hayward S180T Sand Filter (16 Inches Pro Range) is also a sand filter although of premium quality. This filter is the best combination of easy maintenance and an up to the mark performance. The versatile filter unit makes it ideal both for in-ground and above the ground swimming pools.


  • Ease of installation
  • Impressive portability
  • Energy efficient
  • Doesn’t require too many resources


  • Not suitable for massive pools

Pentair 160301 Cartridge Pool Filter (420 Square Feet Clean & Clear Plus Polypropylene Tank- Fiberglass Reinforced)

Since the launch of the brand, Pentair filters are well known for their durability and essential maintenance properties. The brand has earned quite an impressive reputation all through these years and continued to live up to the expectations of the users. If you are stuck between sand filter vs. cartridge filter, then the Pentair 160301 Cartridge Pool Filter (420 Square Feet Clean & Clear Plus Polypropylene Tank- Fiberglass Reinforced) might help you find a way out of your dilemma. The outsized filter area catches grit and dirt more effectively. The massive area accounts for 150 gallons per minute of flow rate. The speedy action is its best quality. The unit is reliable, durable and corrosion resistant.


  • Enhanced cleaning capacity due to an enormous area
  • Instant action due to a high flow rate
  • Long lasting
  • Perfect for big swimming pools


  • Might be pricey for some

Intex Krystal Clear Above The Ground Pools Sand Filter Pump with GFCI

If you are seeking out the ideal filter for an above the ground pool, then the Intex Krystal Clear Above The Ground Pools Sand Filter Pump with GFCI is the most viable option for you. The heavy-duty construction indicates that the filter is meant to last for quite some time. The filter is capable of adequately taking care of a 19,600 gallons pool with the minimum requirement being 5,500 gallons. In simple terms, a pool that has a diameter of 16 foot or higher above the ground can utilize this filter to its benefits. The presence of a strainer basket helps it serve the user for a longer duration. If the conditions are reasonable, the sand can be of practical use until five years. The filter is worth every penny spent and provided the total user value of his or her hard earned money.


  • Features automatic pool cleaning due to the 24-hour timer
  • Built-in safety shut off and GFCI
  • Easy controls and superior cleaning features
  • Enhanced durability


  • Needs 120 pounds sand to be bought separately

Hayward C7030 SwimClear Cartridge Filter- 725 Square Feet- Reusable

Here we are again with the most versatile swimming pool filter brand, Hayward. The Hayward C7030 SwimClear Cartridge Filter- 725 Square Feet- (Reusable) is one of the best cartridge filters out there. It is another one of the impressive models that provide users with an excellent filtration area along with superior quality. It doesn’t need back-washing and provides long cleaning cycles. Users can rest assured of the elite water quality. It is perfect for a pool built in-ground. Although if you have above the ground pools, the brand provides numerous options for the same in smaller sizes. The material comprises reinforced polyester and helps in enhancing the durability of the tank.


  • Can handle up to 150 GPM flow rate
  • Filters 72,000 gallons in just 8 hours
  • Cartridges can easily survive multiple seasons
  • The need of backwashing eliminated
  • An integrated stand included in the system


  • Expensive
  • Periodic removal and cleaning of cartridges is mandatory


Whether you have a tiny home pool for the kids and splashing around during leisure time or you have a commercialized array of swimming pools, a quality filter is a must. Thanks to the massive market, there is no shortage of options for users. There is something for everyone and every budget. The above-mentioned reviews of the best swimming pool filters are aimed at paving your way to a wise investment. Select the particular type that is by your specific needs and turns out to be practical. No design suits all users equally. If you take into account all the significant aspects in combination with your requirements, it is unlikely that your filter will put you down in the long run.

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