Top Fruits That Will Help You Lose Weight Like Magic

If you want to cut down unwanted weight, then you must lower your calorie intake. Fruits are among the healthiest natural foods that can satisfy your hunger cravings without racking up fat and calories. They make you feel fuller for longer, thereby eliminating the need for constant eating helping you decrease your calorie intake. Most fruits are rich in fiber and water and have low-calorie content, which makes them ideal for a weight loss plan. In fact, studies have shown that consuming 5 portions of fruits a day can protect your body from various diseases and becoming obese. Here are some of the best fruits that guarantee weight loss:


An apple is rich in fiber (usually contained in the skin) and pectin. Fiber keeps you full for long hours, meaning that you won’t require eating more often. Pectin, on the other hand, prevents the body from absorbing fat and helps suppress appetite. Apart from these two elements, apples have high water content which is essential in flushing toxins out of the body. And being low-calorie fruits, you can replace the snacks you are used to with them if you are looking forward to losing weight fast.


These are one of the fruits with the highest water content (about 95 percent). Higher moisture content means that they take up a better part of your stomach when consumed, thus preventing you from overeating. Cucumbers are extremely low in calories, with only around 16 per cup, and contains dietary fibers which help get rid of harmful toxins released by your digestive system. Grow cucumbers if you have a garden or a yard in your compound to help plan your weight loss program more efficiently.

Top Fruits

Fruits are Among the Healthiest Natural Foods


Grapefruits are known to clean the entire body system from within. They contain high levels of water content, fat-burning enzymes and only 36 calories per half serving. As they help you cut down on fat, they also provide you with vitamin C which is vital during exercising (it repairs tissues in all parts of the body) as well as detoxing your bowels. Adding these fruits to your balanced nutrition plan can quickly help you lose truckloads of fat.


Various kinds of berries, including the raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are paramount when it comes to burning fat. They are packed with nutrients, antioxidants and minerals. They are also low in fat content and carry a relatively high volume of fiber, which means that you can enjoy eating them without ruining your diet. Note that, albeit berries are low in sugar, compared to other fruits like bananas or mangoes, they can help satisfy your sweet cravings while helping you cut weight in the same breath.


Melons are low-calorie fruits that hold high water content, of about 90 percent. With these levels, you can be certain that your body will remain hydrated and fuller for long. Besides, watermelons contain amino acids known as arginine, which help your body burn out fat faster. You can, therefore, use these fruits as substitutes for sugary foods as they can help flush your body system by taking out toxins and fats and help you lose weight fast.


Guavas are the other category of fruits that are considered effective for weight loss. They have less sugar compared to other fruits and contain lots of fiber which promotes metabolism, which in turn burns out the fat in your body thereby creating energy. They also have low glycemic index, which is ideal for diabetic patients and those people willing to lose weight rapidly.


Bananas cannot also be left out of this list. They are packed with potassium which is vital for nutrients absorption and loads of fiber that helps regulate your metabolism. Although they contain a little more calories (about 100) compared to other fruits, they provide you with instant energy that can help you work out with vigor. Additionally, bananas assist in the regulation of blood pressure, lessens acidity, beats muscle cramps and constipation.


The biggest advantage of using fruits to help you lose weight is that you can consume as much as you want without adding mass. The more you eat, the more the weight you stand to lose. With the above seven types of fruits and a well-balanced diet plan, cutting down on weight should be a smooth journey for you.

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