Different Types of Dill Plants Available in the USA

Not just in America, dill is one fragrant herb that has been a part of the kitchen in many parts of the globe. Owing to its aromatic fragrance and strong flavor, this herb is a must to be included in most fish recipes, savored at many places. This is a plant herb that originated from the carrot family and is known to offer some of the most beneficial health benefits.

Apart from adding its amazing flavor over too many dishes, served throughout the globe. There are many types of dill plants grown in through the world. This green herb certainly comes loaded with amazing health benefits of Vitamins and is extremely easy to be grown right there in your kitchen gardens!

List of Various Dill Plants

This flavorful herb and a power-packed nutrition comes laden with spicy seeds and appetizing shrubbery, while there are many types of dill plants that are all very easy and effortless to be growth. You can expect some out of the box health benefits with the regular use of this herb, adding value, nutrition, and flavor to your plates.

Types of Dill Plants

Dill offers the most beneficial health benefits


This is the regular Tetra Dill that is quite plentiful in its size, and it certainly tastes great in salads. The seeds of this dill plant are also brought to be used in creating seasonings that are savored in many countries, making food all the more flavorsome.

The herb looks great while it grows, branching out into beautiful aromatic stems. The bright green color of this herb is certainly a delight to watch and include in salads. This variety of dill lasts longer than the rest; its foliage is compact and very easy to maintain and the greenest of them all, while it would be perfect to be planted in your gardens.

Long Island

Just as its name suggests, this is one of a kind and most popular amongst the other types of dill plants. This variety of this herb is also popular in the name of Mammoth Dill. This particular variety of the plant grows quite high, in fact as high as five feet tall, which looks amazing.

You must provide this plant adequate sunlight while the leaves and the seeds of this variety are largely used in many food options like salads, in bread and also in pickles and vinegar. This tall herb plant is known for its strong smell and vigorous growth pattern. You would get both dill weeds as well as dill seeds out of this plant.


This one grows to form a beautiful bunch with cute little yellow flowers. It grows to a height if up to 3 feet, and it can grow in cold and shady places too, with ease. The seeds take a period of at least three weeks to develop into a striking bouquet that has amazing herb. Make sure you keep this variety of the plant away from weeds and ensure to pluck them off using your hands and not chemicals. This type of Dill is known for its fragrant and aromatic leaves.

Fern Leaf

This is shirt shrub sort of a variety of these types of dill plants. This one is a bit sensitive as none of the extreme weather conditions are suitable for him. It would not be able to survive in either extreme heat or cold for that matter. You can give it a space in your kitchen garden so that the herb supply is up all year long. This one is best grown out of seeds, and transplant is a strict no-no for this.

The plant would come up at its best when its seeds are directly sown right into the soil, on the ground. This is indeed becoming a popular choice, owing to its healthy foliage, better produce, and effortless maintenance.


If in case you are in love with the flavors of dill, then this variety comes handy, certainly. The growth of this type of the dill plant is rare to see; the growth is stronger as compared to the other varieties. This variety of the Dill would need an extra supply of water. The soil needs to be kept moist and not clogged with water, certainly.


This is amongst the very tough to grow the plant as its flowers take in fact the longest time, while there are many advantages to this sort of a plant at large. You can water this type of the Dill by sprinkling water, and the branches and the stems are extremely tender. This one is commonly used for commercial produce and high yields. Its foliage is indeed healthy and coarser from the rest, while the leaves are best plucked when fresh and young.


If in case you are looking forward to harvesting the plant, we must wait until summers. This is one hard to get, the seed of the dill plant and surely worth taking the risk and extra care for this type of a dill plant. This Dill would grow in full sun and would need that kind of a bright light all through its growth curve.

You must make the plant stay away from weeds but avoid the use of chemicals or pest control methods. This one has the longest flowers, making it an ideal choice for dill weeds and picking.


If in case you love cooking with these types of dill plants then opting for this variety comes integral and is also a must. The foliage is dense, therefore giving you scope to include as much as you can in your signature dishes!

This variety of the herb is known to calm down an upset stomach and is great to add a dash of flavor to any bland dish. This is also useful to calm down colic in infants. If you are looking for dense foliage, then this one is all you’d need for sure. This is rather used at large in fields and nurseries and is harvested for high yields.

A Closer Look at the Variety of the Dill Plant

Apart from the ones mentioned here, there are other varieties of the dill too. It is believed that the dill is known for its enormous variety, flavors, authenticity and tantalizing taste.

You can make this herb a great element of your kitchen garden; while it’s bright yellow flowers and dense produce would certainly make your cooking, even better. There are many ways to place the dill weeds, in place, while this plant is easy on pockets and certainly very promising.

Being an herb, so versatile, each of its variety is also preferred for great benefits. You can get the various types of dill plants are rational costs, while the plant is healthy, flavorful and would be a great tool in the kitchen to quirk up quick recipes.

The roots of the dill are tender, and you must stay away from chemicals and other pest methods to make it healthy and prosper into an aromatic plant that offers endless seeds to be used.


There are many varieties of this dill plant while all of them are known and have been proven to offer some amazing health and nutritional benefits. You must grow this superb herb in your kitchen garden to enjoy an endless supply of this green antioxidant in your salads.

You shall be able to plant a promising supply by following some minimal instructions to make sure the plant stays healthy and prospers to the fullest. You must include the use the dill plant into recipes for that extra dash of aroma, fragrance, and flavor.

The dill is majorly used in commercial food markets, while it imported and exported all over the world to and from many countries. The Dill is used for culinary purposes, medicinal use and acts as food for butterflies too!

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