The Different Types of Marigold Flowers Available in the USA

When it comes to flowers in the garden, whether they are indoors or outdoors, marigolds are amongst the best to have. They have beautiful and colorful blooms that are sure to brighten any space. The best thing is that even as a beginner, growing this flower does not need to be too much of a task. It requires minimal maintenance and chances of success are high, especially if you opt for the right variety.

A flower that is native to Mexico, marigolds have been around for centuries. It is a favorite annual plant amongst many gardeners because they are easy to grow. They are common in landscapes as ornamental flowers, although there are also some edible varieties. The flowers also emit a strong smell, which can be effective in naturally getting rid of the most common pests in the garden. To add, it also has an extensive history of use in alternative medicine.

Thinking of planting marigolds? Below are the different types of marigold flowers that you might want to consider.

French Marigolds

This type of marigold blooms in fall and summer. It has a strong aroma and thrives well even in containers, making it the excellent choice for an indoor flower. To succeed in growing French marigolds, the temperature must be anywhere from 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. At such condition, the seeds will sprout within seven to 14 days after planting. If you will grow this flower, be careful with slugs, snails, parasitic nematodes, and Japanese beetles, among other common pests.

To be more specific, below are some of the types of French marigolds:

Bonanza French Marigolds

This plant has an average height of eight to ten inches. Meanwhile, the flowers bloom at a diameter of about two inches, with the most popular colors being maroon, orange, and yellow. Because it is bushy and compact, it makes a great choice for container gardening.

The flowers are two inches and the height ranges from ten to 12 inches. Most common colors are flame, orange, and gold. If you live in a place that is humid and hot, there is no problem in growing this plant, which is why it is also perfect for the summer.

This is another dwarf variety of French marigold. Its average height is only six to eight inches. It produces double carnation flowers in seven color combinations including maroon, orange, and yellow.

This is a taller variety of Little Hero, which has an approximate height of ten inches. The double carnation flowers have seven color combinations and have a width of up to two inches.

Janie Marigolds

An early blooming French marigold variety, its average height is only eight inches, allowing it to survive even with space limitations. It produces double carnation flowers. The colors are a combination of maroon, orange, and yellow.

African Marigolds

Tagetes erecta or African marigolds are popular because they provide huge blooms, which are perfect for bouquets and floral arrangements for decorative purposes. It grows well in a warm and sunny spot. The strong scent of the plant allows it to easily resist deer, rabbits, and other animals that can cause an infestation in the garden. Compared to French marigolds, the African marigolds are more tolerant of the dry weather.

Also known as Aztec marigold, it has a reputation in the field of alternative medicine, especially when it comes to the treatment of hiccups. Traditionally, the flowers are also thought of a facilitator of safe water journeys.

If you are thinking of planting African marigold, here are some of the specific varieties that are available:

Discovery Orange Marigolds

It produces a large flower with bold orange color. The width of the plant can reach three inches, which is still compact enough even for indoor gardening.

Discovery Yellow Marigolds

This is the same as the variety above, with the most obvious difference being the presence of a yellow flower.

This variety can grow to a maximum height of 12 inches and the flowers will have a width of four inches. Some of the most common colors are bright yellow and bright gold.

French Vanilla

It has pure and creamy white flower, which has an average width of three inches. The height, on the other hand, can be approximately two feet. The flowers are also known for having a minimal scent.

This is a group of marigolds that produces double yellow and orange flowers. The average height is two feet.

Signet Marigold 

If you are on the lookout for edible marigold, this is one type of the plant that should be on the top of your list. This is not as popular as the other varieties, but will make a great choice for an addition to your home garden. It has a round and billowy flower. Aside from the amazing aroma, its flowers are edible. Because signet marigold is edible, you can have it in your herb garden. There are limitless ways on how to use it in your recipe, although for most people, they use it to add a vibrant color and distinct sweetness in their salad.

Signet marigold will grow well in a place where it can enjoy full sun and moist soil. Fertile or rich soil may do more harm than good. More often than not, it results in having a weak plant structure and will reduce blooming as well. 

Here are some of the varieties of signet marigold that are available in the market:

Lemon Gem Marigolds

This flower grows at an average height of one foot. The flower is golden yellow and it blooms throughout the summer.

Red Gem Marigolds

This is similar to lemon gem, but the difference is that the color of the flower is red orange.

Tangerine Gem Marigolds

Many of its physical characteristics are also similar to the two above, but the flower is orange yellow.

Triploid Hybrids 

As the name implies, this is a cross between French and American marigolds. American marigold is another name for African marigold. One of its defining characteristics is the large flowers that it produces. This is a hardy species, which means that it will never set seed, regardless of the conditions of the external environment. This allows them to have continuous blooms even in the hot summer months. Nonetheless, growing triploids can be a bit of a challenge, especially because of its low germination.

Here are some of the more specific types of triploid hybrid marigolds that you might find interesting:

Zenith Marigolds

It has two bloom types – anemone and carnation, which is perhaps the reason why it has a striking appearance. There is no need for dead heading since there is no seed set. Its flower size can be anywhere from two to three inches while the height can reach up to 14 inches.

One of the least popular marigolds to plant, it has double and compact flowerheads. The most common colors are gold, red, orange, and yellow.

Indeed, planting marigold can be rewarding for any gardener, not only because of its attractive and colorful blooms, but also because it requires minimal maintenance. Even as a novice, success will be easy to achieve. Choose the right type of marigold to plant, provide it with the right growing conditions, and pay attention to proper care – for sure, it won’t take long before your marigolds will have beautiful flowers.

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