How To Use Fresh Parsley In Your Daily Food Diet?

Parsley is one of those species that belongs to the family of Apiaceae and is a native to the central Mediterranean region. It is highly cultivated as a herb, spice as well as a vegetable. Parsley is among those vegetables that are widely taken for use in regions of Europe and America.

Often curly leaf parsley is used as a garnishing ingredient also. Also, Parsley is a great source of vitamin C, calcium, iron, and even fiber. Parsley is that one ingredient that can be easily found in each and every supermarket nowadays. Lastly, parsley is considered to be the hero of garnishing ingredients.

Use Fresh Parsley

Use fresh parsley in your daily food diet

Normally people misinterpret parsley as a vegetable that can also be used for garnishing the food, but it is not true. In the blog below, we have mentioned various ways on how to use fresh parsley in the daily food diet.

Top 16 Recipes Where Parsley Can Be Used for a Better Taste of Food

Grilled Flat Iron Steak

To make an easy grilled flat iron steak, one can always make use of marinating steak along with some parsley, chives, tarragon, lemon zest and some olive oil.


One of the best ways on how to use fresh parsley in daily food diet is sprinkling over some parsley on frittata before popping them into the oven.

Lamb & Veal Meatloaf

A delicious meal course of lamb and veal meatloaf is also an alternative to classic beef version, and it can be prepared even tastier by adding some parsley to it. The addition of parsley makes the dish look brighter and also gives a peppery taste to the dish.

Garlic Fries

One can prepare the extra tasty garlic fries without even actually trying the dish. One just needs to toss the dish with parsley and then cook them in the oven, which will make the fries even crispier.

Chickpea Sandwich

The chickpea sandwich is a total mouth watering dish when the meat meets it match along with roasted squash, olive oil, lemon aioli, and slaw.

Add It to Smoothies

Yes! One can add parsley to their morning smoothies and make them even more refreshing. It might sound something weird when it comes to pairing fruit with a herb, but the addition of the herb makes the drink quite healthy and refreshing.


Chimichurri is a typical South American sauce that contains a lot of fresh leaves of parsley. The sauce proves to be a good treat to the taste buds when eaten with bread or Portobello mushrooms. The sauce might taste like a pesto to many, but it is quite a bright flavor.

As a Perfect Dressing

As all of us know, Parsley is a great herb that can be used for dressing food items. Like a smoothie, parsley adds bright flavor and refreshing taste to salads. One can make use of easy lemon tahini dressing to give a new taste to the food.

Making Panzanella

Panzanella is a bread salad that is served with lots of parsley on it. One can make Panzanella and serve it at house parties, and one can even host a Panzanella party.

Mix It with Pesto

It is not necessary to have pesto that only contains basil. One can even try the vegan parsley pesto along with walnuts pasta and eggplant lasagne with parsley pesto.

Parsley Ravioli with Brown Butter Sauce

The wonton wrappers are the proper substitute for homemade pasta, and one can make them tastier by making use of ravioli sauce. The dish is made with flat-leaf parsley, also called as Italian parsley that is not only tastier but also quite refreshing and delicious.

Pancetta Salmon Kebabs

As everybody knows, bacon and salmon is a heavenly pair for all the foodies. One can make it even more heavenly by serving the dish with fresh leaves of parsley, making it more worthy and tasty.

Roasted Portobellos on Parsley Salad

The balsamic vinegar is quite highly responsible for bringing the heavenly taste to the dish. One should make sure to use the perfect and the best vinegar for the salad.

Triple green salad

As the name suggests, a triple green salad is a salad with three main ingredients baby green, green onions and lots and lots of parsley. To make it look even or refreshing one can make use of fresh spring flavor.

Lamb Blade Chops Mixed with Olive Parsley Salad

One can simply start eating the extra delicious and all time favorite lamb blade chops along with the olive parsley salad. The combination of these two is a great treat to the taste buds of almost every person.

Anchovy & Herb

The herb marinade is not only very tasty but also very healthy and ideal for food items like beef. The ingredients like capers, lemon zest, and parsley, add a  look and also acidity to the food item while the anchovy renders savory taste.

Why Should One Involve Parsley in Their Daily Diet?

A quite small piece of parsley contains a bunch of vitamins. As mentioned earlier, parsley is one of those vegetables that consists many minerals and vitamins. Some of the many reasons of involving parsley in their daily food diet are as below:

  1. It contains rich amount of vitamin K. Vitamin K is one of those vitamins that is very much helpful in bone health.
  2. The herb, parsley is highly used as a quite impressive cure for cancer.
  3. Parsley is quite rich in iron, which makes it helpful for curing anemia. Sprinkling a less quantity of food items will provide a high iron boost.
  4. The herb has high inflammatory properties, which makes it an excellent herb in curing the joint pains.
  5. Lastly, parsley comprises of the high source of beta-carotene that is an antioxidant protecting the body from free radical damage.

Some more tips on using parsley without doing much work.

  • To store parsley so that it can be used on a regular basis is to rinse it with cold water and wrapping them in a slightly damp paper towel and then store the bag in the fridge.
  • For extra flavor in a salad, one can always infuse the homemade dressing with freshly chopped parsley.
  • To dry the parsley leaves, one can tie them in a bunch together and hang them upside down in a cool and dry place. When the parsley leaves get dry, one can remove the stems and then store the dried leaves in an airtight container.


Parsley is one of those herbs that is not only easily affordable but also available during any time of the year. Also, it is considered to be one of those herbs that can be the main ingredient for every food item, starting right from salads to smoothies. Parsley is quite rich in all kind of vitamins, calcium, and minerals, which makes it necessary for everyone to include in their daily food diet. We have mentioned about various tips and recipes which make it easier for the people to use fresh parsley in their daily food diet.

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