4 Ways to Properly Maintain Your Automated Irrigation System

Automated irrigation systems have the ability to revitalize the health and beauty of any modern landscape, no matter how much gardening flexibility you require as a home or commercial property owner. These technologically-advanced systems are efficient, unobtrusive, labor-saving, water-saving and have many other useful attributes that make them ideal for maintaining an attractive property. However, they are comprised of a great deal of equipment and require a very particular installation, and thus must be maintained properly in order for one to receive the full benefits irrigation systems are capable of reaping.

Automated Irrigation System

An Automated Irrigation System

Understand the Particularities of Your Property

Knowing your terrain is, first and foremost, key to proper sprinkler repair and sprinkler maintenance. Each sprinkler system is custom-designed for the exact land upon which it will act, and particular systems will possess an array of benefits that are related to the precise layout, as well as the type, of the terrain, which has a defining effect on the activity and use of the irrigation system. Simple topography is not sufficient; the sprinkler design must take into account soil composition, plant cover, trees, buildings and a host of other factors. Once the system is in place, you may be able to depend on the most convenient and accurate form of lawn maintenance available. The sprinkler system can distribute liquid nourishment to even the most distant corners of the property and it can be set to water heavily where it is needed and water lightly when it is not. Even the weather and the time of day can be taken into account with an automated irrigation system.

Be Aware of Seasonal Change and Schedule Check-Ups

Be sure to inspect your automated irrigation system at least four times a year, as the changes in ground composition and temperature that come with the seasons have the potential to seriously dis-articulate the sensitive mechanical devices that make up the irrigation system. Metal, plastic, and soil will expand and contract in different manners as the year progresses, and the long distances involved in lawn irrigation mean that small changes may have space to add up. Seasonal maintenance reduces the need for sprinkler repair by orders of magnitude. Instead of fixing big problems and replacing enormous parts of the system, it may be possible to catch small issues before they cascade into larger ones. This makes it less of an issue of repair and more of a matter of fine tuning. This translates directly into efficiency and low repair costs for both residential and commercial sprinklers.

Monitor Water Usage

It is also wise to keep an eye on water usage, both through monitoring expenditure statistics and through actively walking on the land. Large puddles of standing water and large amounts of sprinkler runoff are two major signals that there is a blockage or rupture somewhere in the system. Indeed, one ought to always be aware when the sprinkler system leaves a puddle or a pool, as it is an infallible indicator that the system requires some kind of repair or upgrade.

Residential Sprinkler

Monitor Water Usage

Care for Your Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads are particularly vulnerable to damage. Lawnmowers and foot traffic both have the potential to damage a sprinkler head beyond repair. The sprinkler head is the first place to check if you think there may be a problem; fortunately, they are typically comprised of simple designs and thereby inexpensive to replace – if you’re looking for information about repairing your sprinkler system or other maintenance issues (urgent or otherwise), it is – in most cases – best to consult experts with the experience and know-how to not only determine a particular course of action to carry out, but also do so quickly and for a low price, as sometimes, it is more than just a sprinkler head that will require care.

In short, the ways to take advantage of the array of benefits offered by automated irrigation is to have the best lawn sprinkler and take good care of the system you’ve installed; if you’re to maintain a healthy lawn, it’s imperative that you either contact an expert today or be sure to undertake the necessary repairs on your own.

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