What is the Right Plant to Grow in a Private Garden?

Gardening is a passion of many people. They love planting and looking after these tiny buds. Do you know the results of this care?

It never goes wasted. All you get is an amazing fruitful result of your work hard. Additionally, the planting process and its outcome both give person great peace of mind.

Luckily, you have huge varieties of the plant to grow in your personal garden. Still, which one to choose exactly? As people don’t get vast places to grow a plant, therefore, they have to choose each plant type wisely.

What is the right plant to grow in your private garden? Here, you will get the answer to this question.

What to plant?

Being a gardener, you must be aware of different categories of plant. They have a different kingdom, division, order, families, and many others.

Here, we are going to suggest you grow mosquito repellent plants. These are all those plants that can serve the purpose of keeping mosquitos and insects away.

They produce a certain type of fragrance around their region. Various irritating insects sensing this smell try to stay out of that place.

Have you ever heard of these plants? There are different types of plants that can do this important task for you. In the below section, you will get to know about these plants.

Mosquito Repellent Plants

Mosquitos/insects repellent plants

Among various repelling plants, here are few of them.


It is a plant you can normally see growing in different gardens. It can be proved as one of the best repelling plants. It gives off amazing fragrance. Lavender is created by the essential oils present on its leaves.

Not only these plants can repel mosquitos, but they are also able to obstruct mosquitos’ sense of smell.

Citronella Grass

This plant comes with a unique smell. It is highly used natural plants for repelling mosquitos. This lemon-scented plant is the best choice for keeping mosquitos away in summer.


This annual flower is also famous for being border plant. These plants are able to deter not only mosquitos, but many other plants including whiteflies, squash bugs, thrips, and few other insects. It also makes use of its smell to repel insects away from their territory.


Rosemary is one of the herbs that not only repel mosquitos, but you can also use it in your cooking. They create a woody smell that deters mosquitoes.


This herb does not only work as an effective mosquito repellent, but it also enhances the taste of your dishes. In this plant category, lemon basil and cinnamon basil are the best two herbs’ types that can keep mosquitoes out of your private garden.

Basil Herb

Catnip or Catmint

This is one of the most easily grown plants. It belongs to the mint family and can be seen growing almost everywhere. Even if you don’t grow them, they will start entering your locality from a nearby garden.

It is not only used as a weed or for commercial purposes, but also for repelling mosquitoes. According to studies, they have a potential to deter most insects with ten times more power than chemical based repellents.


This plant with amazing mint scent is truly helpful in deterring mosquitoes out of your gardens. It is a natural repelling solution with many other benefits.

According to studies, if you expose mosquito larvae for 24 hours to this plant, they will be killed by this exposure. Moreover, if you apply its leaves on your exposed body parts, it will repel mosquitoes from your body as well.

How to Grow Them

If you are worried about growing and maintaining these plants, then let us tell you the fact. All above-mentioned plant and many other usually need low maintenance.

You can easily grow them in your gardens and patios. They grow perfectly under adequate sunlight. Also, once established, they usually don’t need much care and protection to survive.

Why plant mosquito repellents?

There are many benefits that you can get if you plant these plants. The most important of them is ensuring your safety.

Many of us know the diseases that mosquitos carry with them. They can even drag a person to its deathbed. In the markets, you can get plenty of expensive repellents but it is much better to use your garden for this purpose.

In this way, you will enhance your garden’s beauty on one hand, and repel mosquitos on the other. Moreover, it will not feel heavy on your budget.


There is a solution present to almost every problem. The only need is that person should find the ways out of it sensibly.

Mosquitos can be a cause of serious havoc for you. If you have a personal place to grow a plant, you can avail many available options and can get rid of this problem.

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