Hello, thanks for stopping by. We’re glad to have you here, for several reasons.

First of all, by coming to this page, we know that you’re a shopper with awareness, brains, and logic. You know what you’re doing, and what you’re looking for.

The web is crammed with thousands of websites selling you stuff or services, claiming they have (and recommend) the “The Best” for your needs and requirements. There’s an overflow of information out there, and as a smart shopper and researcher, you want the best sources and verified, field-tested information.

Homyden was created for the same reason you’re visiting this page.

The necessity to have the best home and garden improvement information on one place.

That’s why the bunch of enthusiasts (read more about us here) started researching and compiling the information required to have the best home and gardening resource site out there.

On the other hand, the search for quality equipment and tools doesn’t have to be hard and difficult. Even though the situation is quite messy out there, the highest-quality info backed up by the tremendous amount of research and field testing will ease the selection process for you.

We do this because we’re geeks and we love it.

You just get the best results out of it and enjoy the finest home and gardening experience you can have.

To come up with top picks and winning products, we go through a multi-layered process of rigorous selection, comparison, and in-depth research of all the aspects one product possesses.

Also, all the products we consider to review should at least cope with our standards, developed by months of work and collaboration with field experts.

You won’t see us recommend (or even put into consideration) something that’s overly-advertised or “popular at the moment” simply because of all the fuzz that happens. Most of our picks come from rigorous selection, and we expect nothing but the best.

The reason for this is simple; we (and our friends and family) are using these products. We wouldn’t recommend something we wouldn’t use.

Why Should I Trust You?

As an informed shopper, you are bringing the best question out.

Our answer is simple: We are just like you.

We don’t want crappy products, and we don’t believe the advertisements.

We don’t strive to review everything just for the sake of it. We are focused on a narrow, specific field and we aren’t interested in anything else.

We do get a small commission every time you decide to trust our selection and purchase through our links, but we don’t care about that money as well.

We are just tired of bad recommendations and products that don’t live up to their advertising. We are sick of flukes and bad promoters, and we all want the best for ourselves. In eight out of ten cases, everyone on the team will purchase and use the products we recommend, since these are so good.

Also, we don’t get products for free, we actually buy them and review them, or do the scientific research on them to the deepest level, to assure the validity and honesty of information we post here on Homyden.

So, that means no biased reviews, no advertised products, and no flukes.

Only genuine home and gardening stuff, researched to the max.

How Do You Pick The Products? How Do You Compare Them?

The process is quite detailed, and we’re proud of it. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Since we cover a specific field, we usually select the person who has the most experience with the topic or that specific gadget/tool/equipment for the start. Next, we assign a researcher to compile the tremendous amount of data from all around the web by exploring the reputable sites and resources. (We even have a set of selection rules for the websites to be included in our research material)
  2. With the gathered research file, the person from the beginning compiles the list of features that the product has to have in order to be considered for our tests and comparison.
  3. In the next step, at least five persons from the team use the list of features to find the 5-8 products that would seem appropriate and tick all the boxes. All the products are listed in a single file, duplicates are removed, and the discussion is held to narrow down the choices to 3-5 products.
  4. Next, the finally selected products are tested or covered with in-depth research separately for every feature mentioned on the list. The tests might include work-under-load stuff and multiple person opinions.
  5. Each of the features gets a grade from 1 to 10 (this system is more accurate than 1-5), and each grade gets an explanation to the detail. Then, we compile all the grades into the final grade, and discuss the products overall value and features and things you should know about it like “who should buy this product” or “what to watch out for. We list some of the customer reviews as well because no matter how professional and of high-quality a review can be, the reviews of a regular, every-day customer matter as well.
  6. The final selection comes to the grades and overall expression the product has made.

It’s not uncommon that we find more flaws than advantages in products; then it’s our duty to report that to you, our readers. The truth and honesty in reviewing are the foundations of our principle, and we won’t go against our principle no matter what.

To find the tiniest detail possible about the reviewed products, we spend several days working on a single buying guide. That’s because we don’t want to leave a stone unturned, and want to give you all the information possible, so you’ll have the easy decision, and will know in heart that the decision is right because of the backed-up facts through our grading system.

Why You Pursue Only the ‘Best’? What about Alternatives?

Not everybody has the same style and preferences. The best product for someone might not suit someone else’s needs – that’s why the varieties and categories exist. The best product doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive, or the one with the most features, or even the cheapest. The difference lies in the style and preferences of people who look for the product.

That’s why our process includes different categories of the same product, to cover the different aspects of the product usage and varieties that come with a product. You won’t find products of the same category in our buying guides, but varieties and similar classes. Our comparison process concentrates on you, the shopper.

We approach product choosing from the user standpoint and create scenarios where the buyer might need that product. Different scenarios require different features and functionalities, and that’s why it’s important to find the most suitable product for your specific needs.

On the other hand, some products might be advertised as ‘best’ and be loaded with features, and other provide just the plain intended functionality, without fancy features (which are often unnecessary). The difference between the two might be big, and many would fall for the adverts and spend the money, without getting the best functionality. That’s where we come in – to point out the differences and know what to pick.

I See You Have Buying Buttons and Use Amazon Affiliate Links. Why is that?

This site started as a side project to us but turned out to be a good opportunity to make a living. Our hard work will get you the finest products, and those links will earn us a small commission (without added costs to you), from which we support ourselves and maintain the site, get the products, and invest in site growth. If you like our reviews and guides, you can support us by directly buying through this link.

But, If You Earn Through Those Links, Wouldn’t that Make Your Reviews Biased?

You are right to a certain degree – we all have to support ourselves somehow. But, on the other end, when you think about the state of the internet today, where you have websites that run based on page views and ads, publishing hyped stories and click-bait, you can say that there is a balance.

We are recommending products that we would use ourselves and elaborate on our picks with proven facts. That makes our picks transparent and backed-up by facts, and therefore logic and justified. It is true that we make a small commission based on those links, but we are picking and rating the products based on their features and value that they bring, not by the amount of money that the eventual transaction would bring us.

We don’t care about money it brings, for one simple reason – you, the readers.

It’s plain logic. Since you’re a conscious shopper and know not to trust anyone on the web, you can easily distinguish the fake review based on the affiliate links, in order to generate as much money as possible. When somebody posts a review like that, it’s easy to bust it and just don’t click on that buy button. Simple as that.

On the other hand, we are not forcing or pushing you to do anything. It’s your money, your decisions, and your life.

The sole reason for us doing this is to provide the best possible information for you, so you won’t make a mistake when making a decision. Our reviews and guides are based on the tremendous research and many hours of work, and if you think that some facts or statements are wrong, we encourage you to check it and let us know about any error possible. We will personally respond and correct any mistake with in-depth explanation on it, and declare it on the homepage.

We Would Never Compensate the Trust of Our Readers for Any Amount of Money

As we said, we wouldn’t trust anyone on the web without proven facts.

And neither should you.

You should trust the facts and evidence, and that’s all we’ll provide for you here on Homyden.

We work hard on these guides because we want you to trust us enough to recommend us to your friends and family.

We believe that everybody deserves to enjoy the best home and gardening experience.