When Do You Plant Carrots In America For Best Results?

Carrots are among the most popular root vegetables, which are quite easy to grow up in the sandy soil. Carrots usually come in orange color, but varieties in purple, black, red, white and even yellow color are there. The plant is seen to be originated in Persia and is cultivated in almost every country for its seeds and leaves. These are those vegetables that are resistant to most of the pests as well as diseases and can even tolerate frost.

Plant Carrots

To grow carrots by oneself is quite a challenging task and it also requires a lot of patience and hard work. In the blog below we have mentioned about the best time to grow carrots to yield the best results.

When Do You Plant Carrots?

Carrots are among those few vegetables that are grown in each and every part of America. Depending on the climate conditions and on the days of maturity, there are specific conditions for specific places to grow carrots. Specific conditions for some of the places are as follows:

Gulf Coast

If one lives along the Gulf Coast and plans to plant carrots, then he or she should plant them around March. One can also plant them again in September for the late harvest fall.

Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is among one of the best places to plant carrots. One can freely plant the seeds of the vegetable during any time of the year in any region. One needs to keep note of the frost dates for the specific area where one is planning to plant the seeds.


It is advised to plant carrots in the cooler highlands of Hawaii for best results. It is also advised to plant them during the coolest month of the year. Lastly, one can pick the best variety for their particular area and sow the seeds as per the climate.


In England, the best time to plant carrots is during March and August. If one is interested in fall crops, then one can plant them after August for the best results.


In Alaska, one can plant carrots for the best result during May and early June. One should note down that the soil should be warm enough and should have plastic mulch. Lastly, one should keep note of choosing a variety of carrot that has been proven hardy in Alaska and has to be harvested before it gets late in the after summer.


If one is interested in getting spring crops, then one can plant the seeds during February, March or April and if one is interested in getting fall crops, then one can plant the seeds during either August or September.


In the Central Mid-West, one can simply plant carrots in the outdoors during any month between April and September. Carrot is among the top rated crops that are grown in this region; the rest includes tomatoes, snap peas, onions, snap beans, garlic, and lettuce.

What Care Should You Take When Planting Carrots?

Organic Carrots Growing in Rich Soil

Organic Carrots Growing in Rich Soil

Carrots are among those plants that require extra care and patience. There are several pests that might harm the vegetables and one need to take care of them also. While planting carrots, one needs to take extra care about the following mentioned points:

  • One should gently mulch the soil to retain the moisture and increase the speed of germination. Also by doing so, it will help in blocking the sun from the roots.
  • One should drain and loose the soil in a proper manner to provide the soil from forking and stunting.
  • Once the plants grow an inch tall, one should snip the roots. Snipping off the roots should be done with the help of scissors instead of directly pulling them out. Pulling of roots should be avoided as it damages the roots of the remaining plants.
  • One should always plant the seeds three to five weeks before the last date of frost as that is the best time to plant the seeds.
  • Before sowing the seeds, one should check whether the soil is free of stones or not and if not then those stones need to be removed from the soil.
  • One should always plant the seeds around three to four inches apart in rows. The rows should be at least one foot apart from each other.
  • As water plays the most important role in the growth of the plants, water should be given to the plants at least one inch per week.
  • One should fertilize the roots of the plants after 5-6 weeks of sowing them in the soil.
  • Before planting the seeds, one should take note of the frost dates for the fall crops and then compare them to days of maturity for the particular variety that one needs to plant.
  • One should avoid growing carrots during the hotter months of the year as the heat during those months might harm the seeds of the plant.
  • The average temperature range that is best suitable for the plantation of carrots is 65-75 degree Celsius.
  • One should only harvest the carrots once they are mature enough. The carrots usually take two and a half months to become mature.

What Pests or Diseases Harm Carrots?

Aster yellow disease is one of those diseases that causes discolor in the carrots and also hairy roots. This disease is primarily spread via pests.


Carrots are biennial plants that can be grown in each and every part of America. Carrots are those vegetables that are not only beneficial to humans but also to almost every pet. These vegetables are a rich source of vitamin A, which proves to be very beneficial to most of the humans. There are different climate conditions for different places to grow carrots in such a way that they yield best results. Some of the food items like carrot-ginger soup, carrot casserole, and carrot soufflé are a real boon to the taste buds. Lastly, while planting the seeds of carrot, some extra care should be taken off the vegetable.

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